Homemade Gifts for Men - Make Your Own Presents for Males

Wondering what are good homemade presents for guys?

Creating homemade gifts for men is easy and simple if you keep the ideas practical and make a gift that he can really use and enjoy.

Keep the colors of the homemade gift to blues, browns, blacks and maroons - these are strong, bold colors and really match with anything that a man has around him. Try to stay away from soft, light versions of colors like baby blue, yellow brown and light red, as a guy is not likely to have any of these colors in or around his space.

For homemade gifts for men, try making a tool hold all, which is perfect for the man who likes to potter around the house on the weekends fixing broken doors and repairing the roof tiles. This is easy to do and all you need is an old, empty, large tin which you can wash and dry properly. Look for pictures on the internet or in magazines of tools, nails and screws which you can cut out and paste all over the tin.

It is advisable to paint a background color on the tin first so that you don't need to fill in the spaces afterwards. Once this is done, write a message on the hold all in permanent marker and the cover the tin with decoupage. This gift is a great way to make sure your guy keeps his things together in one place.

A golfing guy will really appreciate some personalized golf balls, and such homemade gifts for men are easy to make by using a permanent marker. You can spend a day with him at the golf club and collect all the golf balls lying around or ones that he loses, which you can then take home and clean.

You can make the golf balls look funkier by dipping them in colorful neon paint and then writing unusual sayings on the balls with the permanent marker. Hide them in his golf bag for a great surprise in front of his friends the next time he visits the golf club. The same thing can be done with the tees which they use to place the golf balls on.

If the man in your life is always losing his pens, glasses, notes or mobile phone, then creating a pouch that everything can go into is the perfect idea for homemade gifts for men. You will need a piece of fabric, fabric glue, and a long piece of braiding. Glue the two sides of the fabric together with the fabric glue to make a pouch, then glue the braid on the inside, making sure it is long enough to go around his neck. Use fabric pens to write a personal message on the pouch, and slip in a pen and notepad for that added touch.

Need more ideas for homemade gifts for men?

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, so why not take care of your man by making him a special lunch box as a present. If he has a lunch box he always uses, then all you have to do is to paint it with his favorite color and glue a photograph of the two of you on the lid. Use a permanent marker to write his name on it, then fill it with all of his favorite goodies. You can even include a few dollars which he can use to buy his morning coffee with.

Use your creative talents and a little initiative to make any homemade gifts for men extraordinarily special. Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Homemade Gifts for Men?

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