40th Birthday Party Ideas - Turning Forty With Style

Looking for some 40th birthday party ideas and suggestions?

Uh-oh! Turning the big four-oh, eh? Whether you're welcoming it or dreading it, it's going to happen.

Don't focus on getting "older"; see it as an opportunity to celebrate the last forty years of your life, and to jump head-first into the next! Forget about all of the long overused "Over the Hill" sayings; you know they do say that forty is the new twenty, so live it up!

Whether you prefer small, intimate get-togethers or you're all for over-the-top, invite everybody you know, kind of parties, this is the perfect time to take some time and make some memories.

Don't know what you want to do or how you'd like to celebrate? Short of 40th birthday party ideas? Give your party a theme and the planning almost does itself! Whether you have a murder mystery dinner, a masquerade ball, or good old-fashioned flashback kegger, you can celebrate with style!

Looking for small and intimate, yet still fun and unique? Why not throw a classic Whodunnit?-style murder-mystery dinner? Plan out your mystery and story, write some characters, and have a blast! Now that's an interesting 40th birthday party idea, isn't it?

If you need help with specifics, search online for "Murder Mystery Party" and you'll find heaps of helpful information and party layouts. The night of the party, rent some rooms in a hotel near downtown, establish a formal dress code, and have everyone meet in pairs in the lobby. Start with an introduction, give the backstory, and then head to a fancy restaurant for dinner.

From there, use the plans you've made to take your guests on a frightening, exciting scavenger hunt through downtown to uncover clues and find out who's the killer of the group. You'll enjoy lots of laughs and you and your friends will definitely remember your 40th for years to come! That would be a cool 40th birthday party idea indeed.

Maybe you love to be the center of attention, to dress to the nines, and dance the night away. If that's the case, for 40th birthday party ideas, think about hosting your very own Masquerade Ball. Rent a reception hall, the older the building the better. Hire a DJ who can provide a wide range of music, as you'll want some classical songs to go with your theme, but you and your guests might want some of the more modern tunes, as well.

Spend the day getting pampered; it is your birthday, after all. Go to craft shops or party stores and pick up enough novelty masks for you and all of your guests (and a few extras to use as decorations or in case a few break). Establish a rule that nobody can take the masks off until a certain time. Hire a baker to make an elaborate cake. With the proper planning, this will be a 40th birthday party your guests won't forget!

Need more 40th birthday party ideas and suggestions?

Maybe you're not so keen on turning forty... turn forty into the nineteenth anniversary of your twenty-first birthday! Party like you did that year. Get a keg and plenty of liquor for mixed drinks, and skip hiring a bar tender - do it like you did in college. Maybe even request that everyone brings some kind of alcohol or snack in lieu of an actual birthday gift. Go one-hundred percent and include beer bongs, helmets, set up drinking games... the whole nine yards. Just be prepared to clean up the mess the next day once the coffee and aspirin sinks in.

When it comes to 40th birthday party ideas, there are a lot of fun and creative ways to celebrate this momentous occasion. Do what makes you happy, and remember that it is your day to party. Pull out all the stops - you're worth it!

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What Are YOUR Favorite 40th Birthday Party Ideas?

Do YOU have some tips and suggestions for throwing a superb fortieth birthday party? Share and write about your great party ideas here!

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