Baby Shower Diaper Game - Games for Fun and Laughter

Are you thinking of playing a baby shower diaper game or two at your celebration party?

A baby shower is definitely not complete without playing a few baby shower games to get everyone laughing and having fun.

There are many different diaper games, some of which you can use food, and others you can use to practice changing diapers on baby dolls. Whichever games you choose to play, they are all guaranteed to get a great laugh from all the guests, and best of all, get everyone talking to each other.

The first baby shower diaper game to be discussed here is the fastest diaper change game, which involves all the guests having to change a baby doll's diaper, and the person who finishes first gets a prize. You will need a baby doll for each guest (or you can ask the guests to bring their own) as well as diapers (preferably disposable diapers), baby powder and lotion.

The guests should all start putting the baby dolls' diapers on at the same time, making sure they use both the powder and the lotion. The first guest to finish putting the diaper on can get a prize. You can use sweets or chocolates as prizes, or if your budget allows, you can give the winner foot massage lotion or perfume.

This baby shower diaper game works extremely well when there are men and women at the baby shower and they can work in teams. If the game is played in teams, you can drop the team that finished last out of the game, and the rest of the teams can play again until there is only one winner left.

Another baby shower diaper game is the dirty diaper game, which is fun and not as disgusting as it sounds! Make sure you have one diaper per guest, which you pin on them as they arrive. Fill one of the diapers with a chocolate bar and melt it in the microwave. The guest that has the dirty diaper pinned on them will win a prize.

To add to the fun, you can fill all the diapers with chocolate bars and get the guests to taste the chocolate by dipping their fingers in and licking the chocolate off. The guests that get the right flavored chocolate will also get a prize.

Need more ideas for baby shower diaper games?

Smell the diaper game is perfect for a baby shower and loads of fun guaranteed to get all the guests laughing and having fun. You need to prepare one diaper for each guest, which you put a different kind of chocolate bar into. Melt the chocolate bar by putting the diaper with the chocolate bar into the microwave, and then squash the chocolate bar in the diaper between your hands.

The guests will then have to smell the diaper and tell everyone what kind of chocolate is melted in the diaper. The winner can get a prize of your choice, or you can get them to dip into the prize hat and pull out a random prize.

These baby shower diaper games can be extremely fun and have every one of your guests laughing their heads off in no time. Diaper games are great ice breakers and will make sure that the baby shower gets off to a great start. Have loads of fun!

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