Create Your Own Engagement Rings - Tips and Ideas

Wish to create your own engagement rings? Need some help and ideas?

Getting engaged is a very special occasion which can be made extraordinary if you use your creative side to design your own engagement rings.

Designing your own engagement rings brings a personal, romantic touch to this special occasion, and with a little help from a jewelry designer, the rings will take your loved one's breath away.

There are many metals that can be used to create your perfect engagement rings. Silver, old gold, new gold and platinum are the most popular; some rings are designed with a combination of metals.

Using a combination of gold and silver or platinum to create your own engagement rings can create a striking contrast, and you can use crystals or any stones that you like to make it look brighter. A mixture of old gold and new gold can represent the merging of the old life into a brand new life, especially if the old gold is made from existing jewelry.

Platinum is the more expensive version of silver - it looks exactly like silver but is heavier, so is usually used to create engagement rings for men.

When you create your own engagement rings, bear in mind that the design of the ring is vitally important as it speaks volumes about a person's character and personality. A lady who is feminine with a soft lady-like personality will enjoy a smaller ring with some intricate lace designs woven into it. A more assertive lady who is a business person would enjoy a ring that makes a statement and has a bolder look to it.

Some people enjoy a ring shaped like their favorite animal, like a dolphin or an elephant - you can be very creative with these kinds of designs too. Try to uncover what kind of ring your loved one would prefer before making the decision to design and create your own engagement rings.

Men usually enjoy a plain band which is made up of different types of metals. However, the younger men are starting to embrace the concept of having different shaped rings that match their personality. When you create your own engagement ring for a man, you can use contrasting metals to give the ring depth and color, and a new popular trend is to add a black stone to the design too.

The old adage of "diamonds are a girl's best friend" is certainly true when designing an engagement ring. Usually, the engagement ring is designed with the wedding ring in mind, so that the two complement each other when they are both on the same finger. When you design and create your own engagement ring with diamonds, it is important that the diamond does not overshadow the wedding ring. In this case, you could use a few smaller diamonds rather than one big one so that it looks like the engagement ring is wrapping around the wedding ring.

You also don't necessarily have to use diamonds - there is a range of birthstones that you can use to either complement a diamond or to replace it. Choose the right birth tone for the right month of your loved one's birthday and you can add your birthstone to represent the joining of two people.

The decision to design and create your own engagement rings is a fun and exciting experience that will bring you together as a couple and help you to develop a deeper understanding of each other.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Engagement Rings?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips, information and ideas for engagement rings? Do you have any inspiration on how to create your own engagement rings? They could be heart shaped or pear shaped - would you have tips for someone who is thinking, I want to design my own engagement ring? Do you have any valuable information on engagement ring traditions? Share and write about these engagement ring ideas here!

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