Father Groom Speech - Advice for Dad's Wedding Toast

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for a father groom speech?

Every father hopes to give the perfect speech - a combination of personal and moving with a little humor thrown in here and there. How fortunate are the dads who not only enthrall but entertain the friends and family of the bride and groom. This is especially true with the father of the groom, who has so little to do with things concerning the wedding as it is.

It is a well known fact that the wedding is considered the bride's day; and of course, with it the bride's parents who raised such a lovely girl - the perfect catch for the groom. The father of the bride delivers a speech about the goodness of his daughter and the groom's best man further enforces the goodness of the choice of bride. But what of the groom and his journey to this day?

Here is where the father groom speech is about the only opportunity for his side of the story that leads to the bride's perfect day.

Most often, the father groom speech is the wedding's toast to the couple's future. And while it should touch on the bride and the groom's good taste for choosing her, it is the perfect time for a little of the groom's history and his family's pride in him. It can also be the best opportunity for some good humored advice as to how he should go about keeping his bride as happy as she is that day.

A groom's father might begin by holding his glass up as if to toast, and then lower it again as if in deep thought. "I remember his birth and the day we brought our new son home. I was so proud - his mother and I were proud; overjoyed really."

The next line of the father groom speech can be about the groom as a young boy, and then about his years on the football team or in the debate club and how proud the dad was at each turn in his life. Dad could end the testament with how proud he is of the man standing here today beginning this new chapter in his life.

Next up in the father groom speech, it would then be appropriate to mention how good it has been to get to know the bride, how he can see the things that attracted his son, and what a positive addition they have all made in his life; and perhaps even adding that he knows his son realizes his good fortune. Welcome her warmly into the family, and then invite the assembled to toast the couple and celebrate with him this perfect and joyous day.

End the father groom speech or toast with: "As you begin your life together, there is much that can be said, but little will be of value because life is all about the living and the learning of it; the experience and excitement of the journey. You have made this decision to commit your lives to one another. Just love each other above all others, put each other first - and that means before football, son!"

When the chuckles subside, raise your glass once more, toast the bride and groom, and drink to their life, health, wealth and happiness.

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