Gifts for Mothers To Be - Great Ideas and How to Build a Diaper Cake

Are you looking for ideas for gifts for mothers to be?

One of the most exciting times in a woman's life is when she learns she is going to have a baby. There is so much hope wrapped up in this event; however, there are also concerns about how to provide all the things that the baby will need.

Baby showers are a wonderful way for friends and family to display their love and creativity. Gifts for mothers to be are ways to help her prepare for her child and share her joy.

So, what are some good gifts for mothers to be? There are several things that a new child will need, and you cannot go wrong by providing a gift of the staples (i.e. diapers, baby wipes, powders, and such); however, even these gifts for mothers to be can be presented in a creative manner.

If you are hosting the shower for the mother-to-be, you can show off your creative flair by preparing a diaper cake. A diaper cake is a fun and functional center piece for the baby shower. In order to create a diaper cake, you will need the following items: scissors, 50 medium sized disposable diapers, a large platter in which to build the cake (at least 16" in diameter), narrow ribbon - about 70 feet of it (one foot for each diaper plus extra in which to tie the cake layers together), 8 feet of one inch ribbon for trim, one tall baby bottle filled with small candies, adhesive tape, and an assortment of items such as rattles, pacifiers, combs, bibs and teething rings.

Cut 50 one foot lengths of your narrow ribbon and set aside. If the diapers have a print and you want this print to show, roll each diaper in such a manner that the print is on the outside of the roll. Tie each rolled diaper with a strip of the narrow ribbon. You are now ready to begin building your cake layers. This particular cake is three layers high.

Take your candy filled baby bottle and place five to six diapers (standing upright) around the bottle (make sure there are no gaps). Tie the diapers around the bottle with a length of the remaining narrow ribbon. This creates your top layer. Set aside.

For the middle layer, take 15 diapers and arrange them in a tight circle (again standing upright) and tie these together tightly with a length of the narrow ribbon. Set aside.

For your bottom (and largest layer), take the remaining diapers and arrange them in the same pattern you arranged the middle layer. Tie this layer tightly with the remaining length of narrow ribbon. To help make creating this layer easier, you may want to try tying several diapers together as the center of the layer and then arranging the remaining diapers in a circle around this and tying it off.

You are now ready to start arranging your diaper cake. Place the largest layer directly on your platter. Using your adhesive tape, secure the bottom layer to the platter (remember to use the least amount of tape possible - you want to make sure the mother-to-be can use the diapers once the baby arrives). Again, using tape, secure the middle layer to the bottom layer. Repeat with the top layer (your layer that has the baby bottle in the center). Now take the other items (teething rings, rattles, etc.) and tuck them in various places on your cake. Add your wide ribbon trim to each layer.

You have now created a bunch of functional, memorable gifts for mothers to be. This is a wonderful way to show your love for your friend or family member while helping the mother-to-be celebrate this special time in her life.

Do you wish to learn more about other possible gifts for mothers to be? For more suggestions on gifts for mothers to be, do check out the other related articles on this website, including our large assortment of information on baby showers. You could use this website's search function to guide you in your search for inspiration for gifts for mothers to be.

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