Graduation Announcement Wording - Useful Tips, Ideas and Examples

Are you seeking useful pointers, ideas and samples to help you craft your graduation announcement wording?

When you're planning announcements for a graduation, you want to make sure that everyone knows just how proud of your student you are. That's why choosing the right wording for your graduation announcements is essential.

Don't forget the essentials

You should always remember that there are essentials to graduation announcements that you need to include. Here's the essential information that you need to have for graduation announcement wordings:

  • The name of the graduate
  • Where they are graduating from
  • The day of the week and the date (i.e. Saturday, May 27th, 2011)
  • The time
  • The location

Remember that you are sending out graduation announcements, so you're simply proud and excited to share your good news. Now, if you are including invitations for a big party, you will also want to include the following as part of the graduation announcement wording:

  • RSVP information
  • Who is hosting the event
  • The date and time for the celebration
  • The venue of the celebration
  • Name that the graduate goes by
  • If your party has a theme, be sure to include the information

Extra Details

When it comes to extra details that go on the graduation announcements, you might want to take a look at some samples. This will help you to have a sophisticated touch for your graduate and you can shout from the treetops with class.

Here are some graduation announcement wording examples and samples that you might like to consider:

For parents:

Every yesterday is
a memory of dreams.
Every tomorrow is a vision of hope.
With great joy and pride
(Parents' Names here)
announce the graduation
of their son / daughter
(Name of Graduate)
from (School / College / University Name)
on (Date) at (Time)(Location)

(Parents' Names)
announce that (Graduate's Name)
(School / College / University Name)
will be graduating on (Date) at (Time)(Location)

(Name of Graduate) is graduating!
Come June, (Graduate's Name) will be graduating from (Name of University / College)
with a degree in (Subject).
(Graduate's Name) informs us that (he / she) will be spending the summer doing (. . .) before (he / she) starts (his / her) job search this fall.

For the graduate announcing their own accomplishment:

As we are learning, we grow,
As we found friendship, we shared,
It is with a sense of accomplishment that
I, (Your Name)
announce my graduation from
(School / University / College Name)
on (Date) at (Time)
I would hereby like to thank the department / faculty, along with
my family and friends, for all the support
that they have given me.

With great pride, I
(Your Name)
am proud to announce
my graduation from
(Name of School / College / University)

For the class who chooses to announce their own achievement, here are some graduation announcement wording samples and examples:

We, the Class of (Year)
have attained a goal in our lives.
It is with a sense of accomplishment
that we celebrate our graduation from
(Name of School / College / University)

While you don't need to use exactly these examples of graduation announcement wording, they should help you to determine what mood you want to set and get you running with the wording on your graduation announcements.

Whether you're choosing to create your own graduation announcements, or are just looking for some solid examples to run with when you're ordering announcements, you'll have a great start to set your graduate's big day.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Graduation Announcement Wording?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for graduation announcement wording? Share and write about these tips and ideas for graduation announcements here!

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