Halloween Pranks for Good Fun and a Good Laugh

Do you need some inspiration and cheeky ideas for Halloween pranks?

Halloween is such a fun time for children and teenagers. The thought of being able to dress up in a fun costume and get gobs and gobs of free candy is delightful.

I know that many kids outgrow trick-or-treating by the time they reach the teenage years, but many teens take to pulling Halloween pranks for fun once they've reached that age.

Pranks can indeed be fun, but it is also against the law to vandalize houses or personal property, so teens need to be aware of this before making any plans for pranks.

The most common types of Halloween pranks that teens pull are egging and toilet papering a house. What teens will do for egging a house is gather dozens of eggs and simply throw a few at each house. Sometimes, they egg cars as well. This prank does not go over very well with the residents, as cleaning up wet or dry eggs is not a fun task.

Toilet papering a house is common as well. What teens do with this prank is gather a bunch of toilet paper and weave it in and out of tree branches, shrubs, and other things around a home. This prank is not normally received that well either, as cleaning up toilet paper around one's house is just not something most people want to do.

Another prank that teens like to do is to steal all the pumpkins on a street and put them on the front doorstep of one person's house in the neighborhood. Imagine waking up to 20 pumpkins on your doorstep! Teens get a good laugh at such pranks.

Smashing pumpkins is an all-time favorite Halloween prank for teens. This upsets adults as well as the children who carved the pumpkins, but it is almost inevitable in some neighborhoods.

A not-so-common prank that teens have pulled at Halloween is to gather dog poop and put it in a bag, then set it on a doorstep, light it on fire, ring the doorbell, and run away. This is similar to ding-dong-ditch, which is simply ringing the doorbell and running away before someone comes to the door.

If teens want to prank someone in their family, they can always purchase some fake spiders and put in a box of cereal and laugh like crazy when their family member pours the cereal into a bowl and thinks that there are spiders in it!

Then there's always the "jump out and scare them" Halloween prank that teens love to pull, especially on their parents. On Halloween morning, you can get up before your parents and hide in a closet, or somewhere where you can jump out at them and scare them. Be careful, though, because sometimes, when people get scared, they are tempted to throw a punch! And beware of weak hearts!

Lastly, a great teen Halloween prank that you can pull is purchasing some "trick" candy and giving it to your friends or family. There is gum that will turn mouths a certain color, or candy that looks delicious but tastes terrible. There are plenty of opportunities to prank those around you with edible foods.

Remember that breaking the law is not all right, and hurting people is not all right either. Be careful in selecting any Halloween pranks that you pull to keep yourself and others safe.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Halloween Pranks?

Do YOU have in mind some great tips and ideas for fun Halloween pranks? Share and write about these ideas and tips for Halloween gag activities here!

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