Home Made Lawn Fertilizer - Tips, Ideas, Recipes and Ingredients

Do you wish to learn how to make your own home made lawn fertilizer?

Everyone wants a luscious green lawn, the envy of the neighborhood, and many people are choosing to avoid the expense of store bought fertilizers and mixing up a batch on their own instead.

These people also have the advantage of being able to create fertilizers that are specific to the type of grass that comprises their lawn. Making your own fertilizer gives you the freedom to concentrate on the nutrients that your lawn requires. For the most part, these home made lawn fertilizers are made from common household items and are the basic building blocks of commercial fertilizer products.

Fertilizer does for plants what food does for humans. Applications of lawn fertilizers can be used to promote growth during different seasons. A healthy dose in the springtime promotes vigorous growth, while an application before the onset of winter will keep the roots strong and more resistant to the harsh temperatures of the season.

Homemade fertilizers are also much less harsh than chemical fertilizers, making them more environmentally friendly. Because of their slow break down time, organic fertilizers also maximize the nutritional value of your edible plants, but we are speaking of lawns.

Although there are many variations on the theme of lawn fertilizer, there are a few ingredients that are standard to most preparations of home made lawn fertilizer:

  • Epsom salt - provides magnesium and sulfur, two excellent building blocks for chlorophyll production.

  • Ammonia - a source of nitrogen that is rapidly absorbed by your lawn.

  • Dish soap - acts as a wetting agent which allows grass and plants to be coated more easily.

  • Agricultural or dolomite lime - brings pH balance in line and provides calcium.

  • Bone meal - provides phosphorus that aids in plant development.

While many people fuss over their lawns, regular watering and fertilization every couple of months is basic for a healthy lawn. While plants do need certain chemicals to thrive, an easy comparable home made lawn fertilizer using non toxic chemicals can still do nicely - even ordinary household waste can do a job.

A mixture of Epsom salts, ammonia and water as a home made lawn fertilizer is enough for many gardeners. Manure placed in a burlap bag and allowed to steep in warm water for a time and then strained will yield a liquid that will be effective as a fertilizer.

After testing your soil, it is best to fertilize your lawn as soon as possible instead of waiting. Most homemade fertilizers are applied with a garden sprayer, and most recipes make enough to cover about 600 square feet.

Be careful when working with ammonia, as the fumes can be bothersome if inhaled. Diluted vinegar contains a plethora of nutrients that will keep your lawn bright green. Soak egg shells in some warm water to yield a fertilizer that is rich in calcium.

Whichever recipe for home made lawn fertilizer you decide on or ingredients you choose, the options available are abundant, and you can make it cheaper and more environmentally safe as well.

Happy gardening!

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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