Homemade Egg Incubator - Steps, Tips and Ideas

Do you wish to learn how to make a homemade egg incubator?

A homemade incubator might be what you need to help those eggs hatch safely, and they can be effective, but a better understanding of what an incubator is and how it works can help you to make the most effective incubator possible.

Whether you're teaching students about the process of hatching eggs, or you're working to save a bunch of eggs that you found without a mother, a homemade egg incubator will be essential for you to keep the eggs warm and help them reach maturity so they can hatch.

A breakdown of what an Incubator does

The first thing about incubators of any kind that you need to know is how it works. Essentially, it acts as a mother might - it keeps the egg warm, safe and in a steady amount of humidity while the bird within the egg grows to maturity. However, instead of the body heat of a mother bird, the heat usually comes from an external source, such as a household light bulb.

It doesn't have to be complicated

You should know that when it comes to your homemade egg incubator, it doesn't have to be complicated to be effective. Many people choose to use containers such as Styrofoam coolers or even just a cardboard box. These will be sufficient to keep drafts out and temperatures steady.

Some people even choose to use an electric skillet as a homemade incubator. The point is that as long as it is draft free and can maintain a steady temperature, the egg incubator will be effective.

Step by step instructions for making an incubator include cutting or drilling two vent holes that are close to the corners of the box and about six inches up from the bottom. These are small holes, but essential for proper temperature.

You'll want to add a heat source for your homemade egg incubator, which usually comes from a household light bulb. Add a light bulb socket by drilling a hole and putting PVC pipe in it. You can thread your cord through the pipe and attach your socket this way.

You should also have a pan of water that will slowly evaporate to keep the humidity stable throughout the process. Add something to place the eggs in so they don't roll around and you've got the basics of an incubator.

Make it even better

In order to have the best homemade egg incubator, you should make sure to check the ideal temperature for the kind of egg you will be hatching. Before you add eggs, put a thermometer in the incubator and turn the light on for a few hours. Check the temperature periodically, because if it gets too warm in your incubator, you'll need to make your vent holes bigger in order to maintain a proper temperature.

Be sure to place your homemade egg incubator in a place that the temperature will stay the same. When you put it too close to a door or window, you risk disrupting the temperature and not hatching your eggs. If the temperature drops too low or gets too high, you could potentially kill the birds in the eggs.

Also, be sure to place your container of water in a place that will be close enough to the light bulb that it will evaporate in a timely manner, but far enough away that you don't get condensation in your incubator.

First time bird hatchers may want to consider using a humidity gauge and thermometer to help maintain a constant humidity level and temperature throughout the hatching process. A homemade egg incubator can be a fun way to hatch eggs, and, with a few steps, you'll find that they're easy to make.

Have fun!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Making a Homemade Egg Incubator?

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