Homemade Pet Odor Removal - Useful Tips and Recipes

Do you need some tips and ideas for homemade pet odor removal?

Pets are great. They give us countless hours of enjoyment and companionship and ask so little in return. They do, however, have some downsides, and pet odors are one of them.

Whether you have an animal that occasionally relieves itself in the house or just one of those perpetually smelly dogs, there are things you can use to help alleviate the problem - and most of them can be made from everyday products.

Whenever you are dealing with pet odors, it is best to attack them as soon as possible, and always test an area of fabric before you proceed. Before you try and tackle your pet odor problems, consider using a UV black-light in a darkened room to reveal any urine patches, because you just never know. This is especially true if you are away for long periods of time.

The examples of homemade pet odor removal used here, as in most homemade odor removers, call for baking soda, because of its odor absorbing properties.

The basic ingredients of pet urine and feces odor removers are hydrogen peroxide, liquid soap and baking soda. With these three elements, you can fight odors and even clean up some light stains. The basic recipe for these ingredients is pretty simple - 8oz of the hydrogen peroxide to a teaspoon each of liquid soap and baking powder.

In most cases, this simple mixture does the job nicely. For stains and odors that you feel might be extra stubborn, leave the solution on for a few days, then vacuum it up. This homemade pet odor removal recipe can be reapplied.

Another tried and true method of homemade pet odor removal is to use vinegar and baking soda. Keep in mind that these two ingredients cannot be mixed together in the same container, as a chemical reaction that will cause, at the very least, a bubble over, and at its worst, a small explosion, would occur. So spray the affected area first with the vinegar, and then generously sprinkle with baking soda. Let this dry and vacuum up about an hour later.

The worst thing about puppy poop is that it rarely achieves a state above semi solid. Though it can be disgusting, it cleans up fairly easy by spraying the affected area with some type of pre-wash laundry stain remover and scrubbing with a cloth or brush and soapy water. If you catch it fairly quickly, one treatment normally works. Again, it is generally the odor that is left behind. It is critical for this particular odor to be removed. Whether you smell anything or not, the puppy will, and it can become his permanent poop area.

Treat the soiled area as quickly as possible with a vinegar / baking soda treatment. Actually, when removing pet odors from carpets, you might consider sprinkling the entire carpet with baking soda and vacuuming several hours later. This works well to keep the smell consistent for your pet. While cats are not as bad, especially if they have litter, you can use the same process.

Need more ideas for homemade pet odor removal?

Borax can neutralize the odor of urine as well, by dampening the spot and sprinkling it over the area. Once it has dried, it can be vacuumed.

We hope these tips for homemade pet odor removal will prove useful to you. All the best!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Homemade Pet Odor Removal?

Do YOU have in mind some useful tips and ideas for homemade pet odor removal? Share and write about these tips and ideas for removing pet odor here!

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Homemade Pet Odor Removal - Useful Tips and Recipes

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