Homemade Tractors - How to Build Your Own Tractor

Are you wondering how to build homemade tractors? Here are some basic tips, ideas and steps which you may want to take note of.

There are many uses for tractors on the farm and on the home front. The only problem is that they are quite expensive and financially out of reach for many.

Because of this, a large number of people are looking into building their own tractors, and it is not as difficult as some people may think. There are many workable plans on the internet for home made tractors, and most are built from scrap steel and parts found at the local salvage yard.

You will need to possess some type of mechanical ability, or know someone who does, because this is not your typical weekend project.

The major advantage of homemade tractors, aside from the monetary savings, is the ability to customize it to a specific purpose. The frame, the first consideration when building your tractor, can be an appropriate old car or truck chassis salvaged from the junkyard. Be sure that it is solid and rust free and will suit your needs. It can be a single unit, or the front of one frame attached and welded to the rear of a something different.

While hardcore do it yourselfers can build their own frame from scratch, most builders find 2 1/2 inch square steel tubing to be more than adequate for almost any application that they may have in mind.

The engine that you install depends largely on what you intend to use your homemade tractor for. Assuming that you do not need your tractor to do 80 MPH down the highway, any engine in the 10 to 20 horsepower (HP) range should be sufficient.

These can be new or salvaged from such things as lawn mowers, go karts or old cars. Briggs & Stratton has long been one of the more dependable units for building not only tractors, but many other types of vehicles. The transmission will also have to be salvaged from the junkyard and fashioned to meet your needs.

For homemade tractors, a suspension system is optional and will depend on the terrain on which you plan to work. Brakes, any hydraulic systems and the various parts such as fenders and steering wheels can be found at salvage yards or online through sites like Craig's List or eBay.

Once you have built the tractor, you are ready for any of the finishing touches you opt for. Hey, you have come this far, so do not skimp now - lavishly apply paint and decals to personalize your creation. Also, during construction, try to fashion your homemade tractor so that you will be able to utilize store bought attachments from your local tractor supply or Sears' outlet.

Building your own homemade tractors can be a very satisfying project. Many people have been successful (the information is out there), but it can be a daunting project if you are not prepared. Once you have taken on the task, however, and crafted your machinery masterpiece, you will undoubtedly (and with pride) tool around the yard in your new tractor as your neighbors admire your handiwork.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Homemade Tractors?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for how to make a homemade tractor? Share and write about these tips and pointers for making home made tractors here!

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Homemade Tractors - How to Build Your Own Tractor

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