Housewarming Gift Ideas - Tips for Presents for a New Home

Are you seeking inspired housewarming gift ideas?

How exciting - you or someone you know has just purchased a new home. What a great experience and how nice that you are able to share their excitement with them.

Many people like to celebrate a home purchase by throwing a housewarming party. A housewarming party is a great time to present the new homeowners with a housewarming gift.

Regardless of the homeowner throwing a housewarming party or not, it is still a nice idea to take a housewarming gift to them on your first visit. This article will give you some great ideas for a housewarming gift.

Best Housewarming Gift Ideas

  • Tool Kit: A multi-purpose tool kit is a very practical housewarming gift. It will be useful for everything from hanging pictures to fixing a leaky faucet. It is nice to give and receive a gift that is so useful.

  • Family: If the new homeowner has a family, you might want to think of something that the entire family can use. A DVD player for family night movies, or some board games. Decorative items for a play room are also nice, as are posters or framed pictures for the wall - anything family oriented would be appropriate.

  • Bathroom: The bathroom is a nice neutral room to find housewarming gift ideas for. Towel sets, a wicker gift basket filled with useful items such as hand soaps, hand towels, shampoos, etc. This is another gift that is extremely useful and will be much appreciated.

  • Garden Items: A gardening basket is also a great housewarming gift idea. Hand tools, garden gloves, kneeling pad, perhaps even some seeds, can all be artfully arranged in a gardening tool caddy.

  • Kitchen: Anything for the kitchen makes a great housewarming gift idea. No matter what your budget is, you will be able to find something appropriate for any kitchen. From simple items such as a small basket filled with an egg timer, oven mitts, hand towel, wooden spoons, etc. to a microwave or new appliance, kitchen items are always much appreciated as a housewarming gift.

  • New Neighborhood: If the new homeowners are just moving into an area which they are unfamiliar with, a gift of a local map, some gift certificates for local activities or for a restaurant are very nice items to receive.

    Housewarming Gift Ideas To Avoid

  • Novelty Lighting: Although candles are a nice gift item, most people like to pick out their own lamps. Most people have their own sense of style, and that retro lamp you absolutely love might not go well with the new homeowner's antique collection.

  • Novelty Drinking Glasses: If you are going to gift glassware, simple is best, unless you are absolutely sure what the new homeowner likes for glassware. Sports team glassware collections or similarly branded items should be left to the new homeowner to purchase.

  • An Ashtray for a Non-smoker: Non-smokers are not appreciative of ashtrays, especially if they are a previous smoker. Smoking is greatly in decline and gifts of ashtrays are simply in poor taste.

  • Pet Animals: It is extremely unwise to purchase or gift a pet to anyone. Pets are personal items that need to be selected by the person who is going to own and care for them. Allergies could be an issue, as could money. Perhaps the new homeowner has not budgeted for a pet, and the cost of pets can be high. For housewarming gift ideas, you are best to stay away from purchasing a pet as a house warming present.

  • Vacuum Cleaner: For some reason, vacuum cleaners do not seem to be popular as a housewarming gift. This could have something to do with personal taste.

    Other Housewarming Present Ideas

  • Small Home Appliances
  • Plants
  • Wall Paintings
  • Photo Frames
  • Bed Linen
  • Antique Showpieces

    You have enough ideas from this article to go out and begin shopping for your housewarming gift. Remember to check with other people who might be attending the housewarming party, or have been to the new house, so that you do not double up on gifts.

    One more tip for housewarming gift ideas - hang on to the receipt, in case the item needs to be returned for any reason. Many stores now supply a 'gift' receipt without a price that you can keep with the gift.

    Have fun shopping for your house warming gift!

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Housewarming Gift Ideas and Tips?

    Do YOU have in mind some great housewarming gift ideas and tips? Share and write about these tips and ideas for housewarming presents here!

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