Fun Gift Baskets - Great Ideas to Make these Presents Fun and Special

Are you seeking ideas and inspiration for fun gift baskets?

Gift baskets come in all sizes and shapes. They can be made for the sick, the elderly, a celebration, a business opening or a death.

They come in traditional styles, gender color preferences, with off the wall outlandish wrappings, or in clear cellophane. They can cost as little as a few dollars to over hundreds of dollars and range from the very serious to the tickle your funny bone variety for any age group.

Whether they be for a male or female, for the young or the old, contains coffee or tea, chocolate or other food stuff, boasts being gourmet or have their basics picked or selected from a local orchard or vineyard, they can be every bit as practical as they are fun. It is, after all, a basket filled with gifts just for the recipient.

What makes a basket fun? A combination of things contribute to fun gift baskets, actually - from the basket, to contents, to wrappings, ribbons, bows, and all other finishing touches. Appearance is half the fun while opening the wrapping for the magic inside makes up the other half.

As for the contents - a dime store hula dancer, a plastic lei and a pair of cheap champagne glasses with little paper umbrellas in them can actually add to the excitement when accompanying tickets to Hawaii.

'I'm Sorry' can be said playfully with a basket covered with a paper doghouse, a couple of chocolate doggie bones, and a brightly colored collar all around dinner and theater tickets. Or say: 'Let's Get Married' with an engagement ring in the middle of a basket with a bottle of wine, a few varieties of cheese, some fresh fruit and a couple of glasses. How cool is such a fun gift basket!?

For the 'Cookie Monster' in your life, what about a basketful of individually wrapped cookies of all sizes, shapes and flavors? Imagine uncovering thirty different kinds of cookies all at once. For the lovers of Starbuck's, you might try a coffee cup with the popular logo and an assortment of Starbuck packaged goodies. Oh, the fun of guilty pleasures!

Need more ideas for fun gift baskets?

For the mother of a newborn, fill a basket with newborn items, a baby book in either blue or pink, a nice gown for mom with some lotion for her skin, a scented candle, and a stuffed animal. If you have enough money, you might include in this fun gift basket a gift certificate for a day at a local spa when she is up to the fun of it.

Gift baskets are fun any way you look at them. They fill the bill while adding the color and personality everyone wants to pass along with their gift to someone they love. They work in any situation, not just an occasion, but when words cannot possibly say what you feel or circumstances warrant more than you can express in any other manner.

This is especially true if you can find the perfect quote to match the person and the fun gift basket. For instance, a very general example would be a simple wicker basket of home baked items for your favorite aunt with a note that says: "Sweets for the sweet."

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Fun Gift Baskets?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for fun gift baskets? Share and write about these tips and ideas for gift baskets here!

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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