Ideas for 60th Birthday Presents and Gifts

What are some great ideas for 60th birthday presents and gifts?

By the time most of our elders reach the age of sixty, they have attained most of the important aspects of their life's goals. They have a family with children and grandchildren, and the great grandchildren are on the way, if not already here.

They have worked over half of their lives - many newly retired or fast approaching it. Most are at an age where there is monetarily very little they are in need of. Still, there are some interesting ideas for 60th birthday presents out there.

A 60th birthday often centers round the event rather than the gift - bear this in mind when brainstorming ideas for 60th birthday presents. For those who are young at heart, a trip to a favorite restaurant with close family and friends is in order. Though young people tend to focus on steak houses or pasta places, a nice all-you-can-eat place would offer more choices and easier eating for most 60 year olds.

Chose a whimsical theme for women or a comical one for the men, because this time of their lives is usually less serious, and they really like the dessert bar choices. After dinner or halfway through dessert, gifts can be brought out that denote the age, wisdom and / or sense of humor of the birthday person.

So what are some ideas for 60th birthday presents and gifts?

Whereas designer perfume for women or men's aftershave sets might be good for some 60 year olds, more often than not, a nice fragrance or scent is sufficient for this age group; not to mention, many take more pleasure in the wrapping than the gift itself.

Men still like alcohol - perhaps a miniature set of something he favors: whiskey, vodka or another spirit. Both men and women like relaxing in the evening with an after dinner drink or nightcap; perhaps a special glass (or set) to accompany their favorite liquor choice.

Women of all ages love chocolate; men also, just not to the same degree. It has something to do with their endorphins. Ideas for 60th birthday presents can thus go along these lines.

Have fun choosing the right chocolate. After all, it is a multi-billion dollar business. It comes in more flavors than you could ever imagine, as well as filled with the caramel, liqueurs, a richer creamy chocolate or assorted fruits. Present it in a tin you picked out just for the occasion, or a particular candy dish.

For those who have spent a good part of their lives collecting as a hobby, capitalize on that fact when it comes to ideas for 60th birthday presents. If the 60 year old male friend collects something like stamps or coins, go online to see what is available in your price range. Because both are small in size, get a basket and fill it with related items to give the appearance of more. This also provides suitable wrapping that is also festive.

For the old movie collector, the restored movies on DVDs available today are in great form. Get a couple with their companion book versions and tuck them in a basket with some colored popcorn and specialty oil with cheddar flavored popcorn topping. Wrapped in cellophane and tied with brightly colored ribbon, they can definitely provide the wow factor.

Though older people are harder to buy for, selecting ideas for 60th birthday presents does not have to be hard. Focus on the birthday person and personalize or otherwise tailor the gift to fit his / her personality and / or interests. Scrapbooks, several photo picture frames, or a shadow box filled with memories are always appropriate.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for 60th Birthday Presents and Gifts?

Do YOU have some ideas and suggestions for wonderful sixtieth birthday gifts and presents? Share and write about your great gift ideas here!

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