Nursing Graduation Gifts - Ideas for Great Presents for Nurse Graduates

Do you need ideas and inspiration for good nursing graduation gifts?

Nurses are special and deserve special gifts for their graduation. They have worked long and hard to reach this point and will appreciate the thought that you have put into the choice of their present.

You can choose from a huge range of graduation gifts for nurses, both male and female - from the cute or funny to the tastefully engraved items. Sometimes, you know exactly what he or she would like, but if you have no idea where to begin, here are some suggestions for nursing graduation gifts for you.

"Nurse" picture frames are cute, but the new nurse will probably get more than one of them - try to think outside the frame! There are so many gifts decorated with a "Nurse" theme - t-shirts, pens, coffee mugs and key chains. You could present the graduate with a watch, either an "upside down" nurse's watch to pin onto scrubs, or one with a cute cartoon on the face. A regular waterproof watch with a flexible band would be a special gift for a nurse who is constantly having to wash his or her hands between patients.

A pendant engraved with the Nurse's Prayer, "Lord, guide my hands and my heart as I care for my patients today" would make a thoughtful nursing graduation gift, as would a gold beaded badge holder lanyard. For a newly graduated male nurse, you can find one made from leather and metal. An engraved pen with the nurse's name and graduation date on it would be something he or she would have as a keepsake and a record of their achievement.

Nurses need a sense of humor because of the often heartbreaking environment in which they work, so a gag gift or a gift with funny sayings on it is often appropriate. For an unusual and cute gag gift, buy a box of chocolate band-aids! They look just like the real thing and come individually wrapped, just like band-aids. Another fun choice for gag nursing graduation gifts is a ballpoint pen shaped like a bone or syringe.

If you know your nurse's size in clothing, there are many different scrub sets that would make great nursing graduation gifts. Nurses have to wear scrubs every day, so they can never have too many, and it's nice to have a good choice of what to wear. They come in many colors and designs, some with Disney characters and cartoons which would go down well in a children's ward. You can even get scrub sets with your favorite NFL team logo on them - a nice option for nurse graduation presents, especially for a male nurse.

Graduating is a time to celebrate - and how better to do it than with a personalized bottle of wine or champagne? Each bottle is etched and hand painted with the message of your choice and will truly be appreciated by the recipient.

As a nursing graduation gift, you can also get the book "Chicken Soup for the Nurse's Soul", which is a collection of true anecdotes from nurses and will perhaps lighten the load for your graduating nurse when things get tough.

A gift certificate of any sort will be welcome - from a spa day of relaxation to a store card. Nurses need to unwind at the end of a long shift, and what better way to do it than with a facial and pedicure for tired feet or some retail therapy for those with the energy left to shop!

Whatever you choose, the recipients will appreciate your thoughtful nursing graduation gifts and look forward to using the presents soon.

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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