Pajama Party Invitations - Useful Tips and Ideas

Need some ideas and inspiration for pajama party invitations?

When you're planning for a pajama party, you can get as creative and fun as you want with the invitations. Not planning a sleepover, but want to have a party in your jammies? The wording on the invitations should say what you're planning.

The really wonderful thing about this type of invitations is that you don't have to be too elaborate if you don't want to. So, before you do anymore planning for your big party, it's time to think about the invites.

Another piece of good news is that this type of invitation doesn't have to cost you too much, and you'll find that you have some really great options for pajama party invitations to choose from.

  • Consider buying some invitations for your pajama party at one of your favorite stores. Big box stores such as Target and even Wal-Mart have a great selection of all kinds of party invitations, so if you're on a budget or don't feel very creative, why not let the pre-made invitations speak for you? Some even come with "thank you" cards as well. They cost about $12 for a pack of 8, but the prices will vary depending on your location and the store you choose.

  • You can make your own very simple pajama party invitations by choosing some scrapbook stickers and card stock. Scrapbooking scissors will help you to give your invitations a special flare once you've printed them up, and you can add different kinds of pajama stickers to decorate them. This is inexpensive and really very easy to do. Just make sure to include what the occasion is for, the date, address, and time, and don't forget your RSVP information on your invitations. If you don't feel great about doing your invitations completely from scratch, you might find that you can get invitation kits that will provide you with everything that you'll need to make wonderful invitations and "thank you" cards for your party.

  • It might be fun to special order your pajama party invitations if you have the extra money. This can be an expensive option, but if you're only ordering a few, it might not be so bad. The great thing about this type of invites is that you personalize them, choose the layout, and get to send out pajama party invitations that are unlike the others you might have seen, which can be essential for the "diva" in the family.

  • If you're having a pajama party for a boy, it might be a little hard to find the right invitations, so why not let him choose the invites and include the fact that you're having a pajama party in the wording? This can help him to avoid feeling like he got stuck with "girly" invitations, but still get your point across.

Pajama parties, whether you're doing them as a good old fashioned sleep over or you just want everyone to come in their jammies to eat pizza, watch scary movies and play games, you'll get the whole group excited for your event by sending out the right invitations, so take your time when you choose and have fun with them. Your possibilities for pajama party invitations are endless, so enjoy.

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Pajama Party Invitations - Useful Tips and Ideas

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