Romantic Getaways in New England - Great Places to Visit

Are you searching for great ideas for romantic getaways in New England?

New England is known across the US (and around the world) as a distinctly American area rich with the cultures of many regions, as well as being loaded with natural beauty. It is made up of six states, each after nearly 400 years, saturated with its own character.

New England is one of those all around getaway places in the very north eastern United States famous for not only its historic inns and the more intimate bed and breakfasts scattered throughout the region, but also its modern and luxurious resorts, as well. It offers varied and often breathtaking scenery, ranging from sandy beaches to rocky coastlines - not to mention the lake and mountain areas adding to its romantic quality.

So what are some specific romantic getaways in New England?

Of the many places to visit for a romantic getaway, Maine's Acadia Region goes beyond the malls and glitzy tourist places to the dramatic coasts the state is so well known for - peaceful villages, islands, and a simply gorgeous national park. There is cycling on carriage roads, areas to walk or hike through, or a drive along scenic Route 1.

Though New Hampshire once had a wide choice of grand resorts, today it is most well known for its wide open spaces and breathtaking views. Even with its resort attractions diminished, it attracts those who do not wish to travel the well beaten path or who appreciate covered bridges, waterfalls and picnic lunches.

How about other romantic getaways in New England?

Nestled in the western Massachusetts valleys between mountains or along the many rivers and streams are quaint villages that offer something to do whether it is morning, noon or night - ranging from breakfast scones to musicals in the evening. It is also home to many of New England's most historic inns and exclusive resorts.

Massachusetts also offers Cape Cod - the harbor and the National Seashore region with its miles of sandy beaches, dunes and cliffs. This region, too, is dotted with inns, bed and breakfasts, and resorts for your perfect romantic getaways in New England.

Because it is located on the seashore, the seafood-based cuisine adds to the perfectness of not only a day trip, but a weekend as well - especially the lobster. Finish the evening with a coastal walk to one of New England's famous lighthouses, or the afternoon with a yacht ride to Martha's Vineyard for a perfect stroll in an 18th century flower garden. Do not forget the dessert and wine!

Rhode Island is known for its unique Colonial homes. Here are found some of the most picturesque homes, some well over 150 years old, in the US. The styles are varied - Victorian, Colonial, and many from the period of the Revival or of Italian origin. These, too, can be considered for your romantic getaways in New England.

A great way to conclude a romantic getaway is by air - particularly a gentle as well as breathtaking hot air balloon ride. Coastal Rhode Island affords a fantastic view from above - try it for a unique touch to your romantic getaway. It is truly a visual feast.

Did any of the above ideas and suggestions for romantic getaways in New England excite you? Happy exploring!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Romantic Getaways in New England?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for romantic getaways in New England to bring a couple's love, romance and intimacy to the next level? Share and write about these romantic getaways here!

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