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For kids, there's nothing like attending or having over friends for a slumber party where everyone dons their best pajamas and absolutely nobody sleeps.

It's a blast - more so for the daughters, but sons have some pretty awesome times too. This is especially true considering some of the really great video and / or reality games available to youngsters nowadays; and marathons are always an excuse to get together!

Although there are no real guidelines as to the right or wrong of slumber party invitation etiquette, some information is as important as the ingredients for making the party a success. Invitations are a great way to pass along everything one mother would want another mother to know, as well as a fun way for the kids to communicate with each other. And to start this process, it is important to pick a theme.

That can be depicted by the picture on the front of the slumber party invitation. If the kids are into video games, a TV with controllers can be on the front cover of the card. If it is just going to be old movies and popcorn, that can be depicted on the card front. Or if music and / or dancing is the source of recreation, some really neat graphics are available online or at many of the local printing shops. A picture of a pillow fight will invite a playful attitude, and a winter scene outside a window with cups of hot chocolate and bottles of nail polish on a table can invoke a sweet, cozy atmosphere.

As the purpose of slumber party invitations is to get the gang to your house, be sure the inside of the invite has any vital information other than the anticipated giggles, goodies and gossip. Location is essential, so start there - and not just the address, designate an area. Come to my attic slumber party, or the den is being converted just for my sneak preview spring jammie slumber party! Converting the basement with kitchen privileges works too!

For the slumber party invitation, it will be necessary to give all other essential party details as well - what time as in from when to when, will pick-up and drop off be provided, and / or do they need to bring anything - chips, pop, cookies, etc. That might seem inappropriate, but a bunch of kids can put away a bunch of food and the diversity of the different families could provide a pleasant surprise.

Entertainment will be vital for keeping the party going. Be sure to plan for some. Young kids are still in the playing with toys mode, and that can work to the host's advantage, but older kids will need an outlet. If you cannot provide everything you think you will need, use the slumber party invitation to invite the kids to bring along favorite pastimes to share with the others.

Also make sure you provide phone numbers where the host can be contacted for questions or suggestions. It will go a long way to make the other kids' parents feel secure. And plan to send each kid home with a small stuffed pillow as a memento.

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Slumber Party Invitation - Tips and Ideas

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