Valentine Gifts for Husbands - Great Presents for Your Man

Are you wondering what would make good Valentine gifts for husbands?

Your husband is special, so his Valentine's Day present should be special, too.

If he's a die-hard sports fan, give him tickets to a game so he can watch his favorite team. There is so much sports-related merchandise available that you should have no problem with finding something for his Valentine's gift, but a rare sports memorabilia item would really impress him - a signed photo of his favorite player or an autographed shirt would be an awesome gift.

If he's a baseball fan, then a really unique Valentine's gift for your husband could be an autographed photo of Lou Gehrig and Babe Ruth in their New York Yankees uniforms! If he still follows his old college team, you could surprise him with tickets to a game and maybe a sweatshirt with the team logo on it.

If he's a golfer, treat him to a round of golf at a golf course he's always wanted to play on; plus there are many golf-themed gifts available for golfers, such as personalized tees or golf club covers, golf shoe bags - the list of Valentine gifts for husbands who love golf is almost endless.

How about Valentine gifts for husbands who enjoy a drink or two? If your husband enjoys a glass of wine, then for his Valentine's gift, you might think about buying him a temperature controlled wine cellar - you can get a small under-the-cabinet one that takes up almost no space and holds just a few bottles, or go for a larger one that fits under the counter. Don't forget the electronic wine opener and wine cooler!

Does he travel a lot? Noise-canceling headphones would be perfect for him to use on a plane, as would a stainless steel security passport holder or a wallet to protect his ID - something that is unfortunately needed in this day and age.

Need more ideas for good Valentine gifts for husbands?

A guy who's a big fan of cooking outside on the barbecue would really appreciate a remote talking thermometer which he could place into whatever he was cooking; then just sit back and enjoy the company of family and friends until the thermometer told him the food was ready. He also might like to have a new set of cooking tools for the barbecue.

Then there are Valentine gifts for husbands who love a little thrill.

A gift certificate for a driving experience on a race track is the perfect gift for guys everywhere. You can get a driving experience package that will fulfill his dream of driving an exotic car; with a gift certificate from a race track, you can put him in the seat of a racing car. A NASCAR fan can share a ride with a professional driver on the racetrack. Has he always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon or a glider plane? You can arrange that too!

If he loves to have the very newest doohickey, there is a long list for you to choose from: a gadget charger for his car or a charging station for the home; a digital photo frame or key chain; an electronic book reader; a weather station; or an electronic pen for voice messages so he can make quick reminders to himself while he's on the go.

When brainstorming on good Valentine gifts for husbands, just think about what he really, really likes - or needs - and choose your present accordingly. He will appreciate the fact that you've chosen the perfect gift. You can only hope that he does the same for you!

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Get a health-promoting or eco-friendly gift for someone special. Thousands of choices available. $5 or $10 discount for new customers.

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