Wedding Shower Favor Ideas - Inspiration and Great Suggestions

Are you seeking inspiration and suggestions for wedding shower favor ideas?

Wedding shower favors are usually given to the guests of your shower to show your appreciation for coming. Very often, the bridesmaids and maids of honor would get a special wedding shower favor to say thank you for the time and effort they put into organizing it.

Wedding shower favors can be small items that fit in with your theme and are keepsakes for your guests to remember the great time they had.

It is absolutely fine for all your guests to get the same wedding shower favor, but a great personal touch would be to have their names on the thank you card so that each guest can feel special - this is a wedding shower favor idea with a nice, personalized feel.

The thank you card can say something like "Thank you for all the fun and games we had at my wedding shower" or "You made my wedding shower so special by being there to celebrate with me, thank you." You can tie the card on to your wedding shower favor with a ribbon that matches your theme and add a bit of a bow for an extra special touch.

The range of wedding shower favors is so wide that thinking through the various wedding shower favor ideas may take you a while. Give some thought to the theme and color scheme of the wedding shower and then choose a favor that fits in with both. Most wedding shower themes are based on kitchen appliances or implements, and the color comes from the bride's kitchen color scheme or d├ęcor; this creates a nice symmetry to the wedding shower.

So, what are some specific wedding shower favor ideas?

Cookie cutters are available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, so giving these as a wedding shower favor can make your decision a little easier. Each guest can get a different cookie cutter, or you can choose one shape that you think fits with the theme. The nice part about this gift is that every time one of your guests takes out his or her cookie cutter to make cookies, he or she will remember the wedding shower and smile at all the fun he / she had.

Spice and parmesan cheese shakers are also perfect for wedding shower favors. Fill them with sweets, chocolates, mints or a special mixture of spices that you have made up to give these party favors an added touch of sophistication.

Need more wedding shower favor ideas?

Give your guests something to do at the wedding shower by giving them disposable cameras and a mini photo album; this way, your guests can wander around the room snapping memories which they can keep in their album. There are a range of board games available, like bingo or word searches, which will keep your guests entertained and amused, especially if you offer prizes for the winners.

Wedding shower favors will leave your guests feeling valued and appreciated as well as keep them remembering the day for years to come. Most guests spend a lot of time and effort in preparing and buying the right gift for you, so show a little appreciation for their efforts by giving them a great wedding shower favor.

We hope you found inspiration among the above wedding shower favor ideas!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Wedding Shower Favor Ideas and Tips?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for wedding or bridal shower favors? Share and write about these bridal shower favor ideas here!

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