15th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Suggestions for Great Presents

Trying to think of a good 15th anniversary gift to commemorate this great occasion?

Giving gifts of crystal, glass, watches or clocks on a 15th anniversary is the traditional way of celebrating the fact that a couple has been married for over a decade. Usually, couples who are celebrating their 15th anniversary are enjoying their home and careers as well as having older children.

This is the perfect opportunity for a mother to pass down her collection of crystal ornaments that has been lovingly dusted and displayed in a show case. If you would not like to pass this on to your children just yet, then start them on their own collection by giving them a selection of their own crystal ornaments.

For 15th anniversary gifts, choose ornaments that depict their favorite animal or flower, or if they are music lovers, then give them a crystal version of an instrument they love to play or listen to. With the wide range of crystal ornaments available on the internet and in shops, you are sure to find one that is perfect.

If the couple who is celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary is not ornament lovers, then search for a practical 15th anniversary gift that carries the crystal theme across. You can give them crystal vases, then add a special touch by filling it with a bunch of fresh flowers, or you could have crystal versions of the flowers made. A crystal vase can be a beautiful center piece in any room, as the light that reflects off the patterns creates a mystical rainbow of colors and represents the sparkle and light that the couple brings to the people around them.

You could easily make a crystal window ornament using crystals bought from a local bead shop and some fishing line. Cut a long piece of fishing line off the reel and tie the crystals, preferably different shapes and sizes, at intervals of about 30cm's. Once you have added the crystals, you tie a loop in the top and add an interesting shaped weight at the bottom to keep it straight. The crystal window ornament can be tied to the curtain rail of a window that gets plenty of sun and the light will dance and play off the crystals. Wrap the gift in a box with colorful tissue paper and add a homemade anniversary card to round the 15th anniversary gift off.

Couples that are wine connoisseurs would love to get their favorite bottle of wine combined with two wine glasses as a 15th anniversary gift. This might sound a bit boring, but you can make it more interesting by making a personalized label with their names and say something like "Congratulations on your 15th anniversary". You can have the wine glasses engraved with their names and a picture to add a very special touch. Wrap it up in a gift box adorned with glitter or shiny paper to show that you really care.

A couple that is celebrating their 15th wedding anniversary usually likes to enjoy the finer things in life, so why not give them a 15th anniversary gift that they can appreciate and indulge in for the next 15 years.

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15th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Suggestions for Great Presents

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