13th Wedding Anniversary Gift - Ideas for Meaningful Presents

Are you seeking ideas for a great 13th wedding anniversary gift?

Women who don't have the perfect figure for slinky and silky lacy lingerie usually dread this anniversary, as Lace and Lingerie is the traditional theme, with a more modern outlook of giving gifts made from diverse textiles.

Before you run and buy that perfect piece of lacy lingerie for your wife, have a look at these gift ideas that might change your mind.

Lacy Lingerie will only work best if you can get your wife to wear it, so spend some time trying to understand how your wife feels about wearing lingerie and what kind of shape, cut and size she would be most comfortable and confident in.

If your wife is slightly overweight, don't despair - Oprah Winfrey comes to the party with recommending a website called Always for Me. This site not only sells lingerie for plus size women, but also swimwear and any manner of dresses and cover ups that will have your wife wearing them in no time.

An easier alternative to buying lingerie for a 13th wedding anniversary gift is anything that has a lacy design or is made of lace. There are many options to choose from, like a tablecloth made from lace, small side table cloths, lace curtains, lacy clothing like tops with lace trimming, skirts with pieces of lace sewn onto it, or material with a lace design to use as throws.

There are also many ornaments, statues and jewelry with intricate lace designs imbedded into the item which would make a stunning show and fit in with the traditional 13th wedding anniversary gift.

Purchasing the traditional 13th wedding anniversary gift of lace and lingerie for men is almost an impossible task, but with the more modern idea for giving gifts made from textiles, it becomes a little easier.

A luxurious chair made of leather is a perfect gift for your spouse to sit on and watch the game on a Saturday afternoon, or even a shirt or cap with their favorite team logo printed on it. A favorite is a warm faux fur jacket to wear on those cold winter mornings when the snow needs to be shoveled away from the front door.

Giving 13th wedding anniversary gifts to a couple on this special anniversary may seem like an insurmountable task with the combination of lace and textiles, but with a little thought and some creativity, it needn't be impossible.

If you are good at needlework or sewing, this is the time to put your skills to the test. Cut together strips of material and lace and some faux fur for an added touch, then sew them together to make an interesting comforter or quilt which the couple can use on romantic picnics.

If you are not the sewing type or don't have a lot of time, these quilts can be ordered online, with a variety of interesting additions, like photos of the couple which are ironed on to some squares.

The patterns of intricate lace and the weaving of strands in textiles are a symbol of togetherness and the complete joining of two people into one. Give a 13th wedding anniversary gift that will inspire and remind your spouse of how far you have come.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for 13th Wedding Anniversary Gifts?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful ideas and tips for 13th wedding anniversary presents? Share and write about these 13 year wedding anniversary gift ideas here!

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