18th Birthday Party Ideas - Celebrating the Big Eighteen

Are you brainstorming for 18th birthday party ideas?

No matter what your theme is for this particularly special 18th birthday party, make sure there is loads of fun, ear splitting music and piles of junk food and you will get the party off to a great start.

Luckily, there is no great need to provide entertainment or games, as teenagers generally just like to hang out.

One idea is send them all to the mall, where they can play games in the arcade, watch the latest block buster release, and eat at the local teenage hangout. This 18th birthday party idea might cost slightly more than having a party at home, but there is no need to make decorations or food, and all you need is to schedule a day to discreetly keep an eye on them while they wander around and entertain themselves.

This might be the last birthday your 18 year old has while still under your roof, so consider having a more private dinner where select friends and family members can reminisce and enjoy the company. Get all the guests to bring old photos or prepare funny stories, and then share them around the table while indulging in a feast. You can always arrange a small party for your child's friends after the dinner, where they can have some fun too.

Need more 18th birthday party ideas?

Everyone has a favorite country or city they want to visit, so using this special geographical location as a theme for the party will be successful no matter what. Research what the people in the country eat, drink, the clothes that they wear, or any famous city layouts or buildings to design your decorations and prepare the menu.

For example, grapevines, washing lines with underwear hanging on them, and the mafia are synonymous with Italy, so get everyone to come dressed as a persona associated with the mafia, string some artificial grapevines and a couple of wash lines, then serve pasta or pizza.

If you live in a quiet suburb where there isn't much traffic, you could organize a street party; this is fairly easy and inexpensive to do as an 18th birthday party idea, too. Put up a gazebo with a table and serve hot dogs, then add a bit of pizzazz with non-alcoholic cocktails made with crushed ice and any kind of juices or soda. You can put up tons of balloons and streamers, then mix that up with a great young D.J. and everyone will have a blast.

Still thinking of more unusual and exciting 18th birthday party ideas?

The local paintball shooting range will be just the thing to take all your 18 year old's friends. For this 18th birthday party idea, they get all the army gear, paintball guns and masks, and they can shoot paintballs at each other.

Usually, the shooting range would cater for a party at an extra charge, but if you prefer to provide the eats yourself, that's easy too. Create a "Survivor Pack" by collecting a few large square empty food tins, pop in some sandwiches, a soda and chocolate bars for energy, then cover the tin with a plastic bag, which they can use to throw rubbish away.

Your 18 year old has probably been planning what they are going to do on their birthday for months now, so if you find yourself without inspiration, take some time to ask them what they would like to do - often, they have the best 18th birthday party ideas. Don't forget to enjoy the party as well - this might be the last one you will need to arrange for a while.

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What Are YOUR Favorite 18th Birthday Party Ideas?

Have YOU ever thrown or attended an amazing birthday party for someone turning eighteen? Share and write about your great party ideas here!

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