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Are you seeking inspiration for 18th birthday gift ideas?

Turning 16 and being able to drive is overshadowed only by turning 18. It is a milestone like no other a person will experience in their lifetime.

More than the 18 years that an individual has lived, this birthday signifies coming of age and freedom. It is the age of becoming legal and many places consider 18 the age of adulthood. Aside from some sort of celebration, the gift you give your 18 year old is just as important as the meaning of the milestone itself.

The most important feature of a gift for your 18 year old is its relationship to the recipient. For a guy, this birthday often represents his passing into manhood - finally his own person and able to participate in activities forbidden up to this point. On the other hand, he still seems so young, holding onto some qualities of his adolescence. For him, a bottle of personalized champagne with glasses that can be kept as a remembrance of the event could be possible 18th birthday gift ideas.

For a girl, it means she no longer has to be under the watchful eye of her mother or father. For her, a personalized calendar with monthly pictures leading up to this moment, with each picture a little more open and revealing than the last - this is a possible 18th birthday gift idea. Though you can include others in the pictures, she should definitely be the star.

Many young people like to get gifts that have been customized just for them. A mug with a funny photo or one of the two of you, or of a sun sign referencing to the person's birth - but fill it with packets of favorite coffee or cocoa or biscotti dipped in chocolate and sprinkled with nuts. For more elaboration, use a basket. Stuff it with a personalized throw pillow and a crazy night gown with bath and body accessories, or a bathrobe with a monogram and an after shave set with cologne. Throw some candy in each basket and you have a great 18th birthday gift idea.

For those on a budget for 18th birthday gift ideas, create a basket filled with favorite candy, snacks, a birthday teddy bear with matching picture frame (big 18 on it), or bottle of champagne with a plastic glass that looks like the real thing for an awesome gift. Personalize every aspect that you can, being sure to fill it with all sorts of neat trinkets and goodies according to their personal taste. Click here for some homemade birthday gift ideas.

For some, the 18th birthday marks not only the end of high school, but also the beginning of college or some other new beginnings - job, coveted sports position, pursuing a political career, etc. But because there are so many ties to the past and friends, a really great and personal 18th birthday gift idea is concert tickets to the best performers in the area, or a Friday night club date where a favorite band is playing. Gather a few friends, call it a coming-of-age party, and then go all out. This works for either male or female and can be played out after dinner with his or her parents.

Jewelry is always a valued gift - for the male or the female. Consider necklaces, rings, a watch or cuff links. Again, consider a special design just for the birthday person. Digital cameras or camcorders for those going away to college make great 18th birthday gift ideas, too! Both have many great features at reduced prices. With a memory card and batteries, you cannot go far wrong.

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What Are YOUR Favorite 18th Birthday Gift Ideas?

Turning 18 is a significant milestone and deserves a meaningful gift. Share and write about your great gift ideas here!

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