50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for a Great Celebration

Are you seeking 50th wedding anniversary ideas to celebrate this momentous occasion?

It can't be denied that the 50th wedding anniversary is probably the most important anniversary, and the one most often celebrated. Coming up with ideas on how to celebrate this milestone can be fun and exciting, but should also require a good deal of thought, too.

The anniversary party itself can be as large or as low key as the couple wants it to be. Most people in the couple's lives will want to be part of such a monumental celebration, but depending on the couple, the affair might not be a full blown engagement.

So what are some creative 50th wedding anniversary ideas for celebration?

Since gold is the official 50th anniversary color, incorporating gold into the invitations, decorations, and general festivities can be a good way of including the color without actually using the metal itself. It's fairly simple to find gold balloons, gold glitter, gold table cloths, and gold ribbons. You can also find gold colored candles as well, which can look great as centerpieces.

Theme parties are very popular, with nostalgia being one of the central themes. You might want to consider playing music from the year that the couple was married, decorating with items that were common then, and even recreating some of the food that was served during their wedding reception.

As part of 50th wedding anniversary ideas, some people go so far as to recreate the wedding cake that was served during the reception, although if budget doesn't permit this, then it's not necessary.

It is also very popular to renew your wedding vows on the 50th wedding anniversary. This can be done at a church, at a local park, in a garden, or even in a backyard. Oftentimes, the renewing of the vows can be just as special, and even more fun, than the original wedding service that took place 50 years before!

You should also keep in mind the age of the couple when planning an anniversary party. For 50th wedding anniversary ideas, it might be more appropriate to have a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant than to host a large party for the couple. In addition, if the couple is living in a retirement community, then you should check with a community room or club house to see if the facilities are available, instead of trying to have the party elsewhere.

On the other hand, the couple might want to get out and go someplace new, so keep that in mind as well when brainstorming 50th wedding anniversary ideas and don't just assume that they would rather stay home.

It's always fun to get the entire family involved in the festivities. Even grandchildren like to have a hand in the planning, decorating, and general party festivities. Allocate specific jobs to people in terms of food, decorations, music, and logistics, and make it a family event.

Another 50th wedding anniversary idea is to have family and friends come up with stories and anecdotes about the couple. Videotape these and then play them during the party so that the couple will not only have a keepsake, but something entertaining to watch with their guests.

If one partner has passed on by the time that the 50th anniversary comes around, you might want to inquire as to whether or not the surviving partner wishes to celebrate the anniversary. In many cases, this can be a good remembrance and celebration of the couple's lives together, and the surviving partner might actually like the idea and be open to it.

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What Are YOUR Favorite 50th Wedding Anniversary Ideas for a Great Celebration?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for a fantastic 50th wedding anniversary celebration? Share and write about these ideas for 50 year wedding anniversary celebrations here!

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