50th Anniversary Cakes - Great Ideas to Think About

Are you in need of creative ideas for 50th anniversary cakes?

If you're celebrating your 50th wedding anniversary, or celebrating the fiftieth for another couple, a great cake is essential.

Many people aren't sure what kind of cake they should choose, though. How do you choose a cake that will make the statement that fits with the occasion? What's a great cake and which type of cake is no good for this type of occasion? Can your fiftieth anniversary cake be as elaborate as your wedding cake if you want?

The first thing you need to know is that, in many ways, a 50th wedding anniversary is even more important than your wedding day, so you shouldn't feel limited by the age of the couple or feel that you have to be too conservative. Each couple has their own personality - some are formal and want to celebrate in that way, while other couples are fun loving and up for anything.

So, when it comes to celebrating such a big occasion, much in the same way as weddings, you need to know that anything goes. Don't hesitate to let the personality of the couple shine through in every aspect of the celebrations, including the 50th anniversary cake.

One idea which many people are opting for when it comes to 50th anniversary cakes is to have a replica of the original wedding cake made. This is done by getting as many pictures as possible and making sure to have as many of the details filled in by the bride as you can. Then your best bet is to head to a bakery that specializes in making wedding cakes so you can let them do their magic.

Make sure to take all the photos of the original that you can find with you when you're ordering the cake, and place your order well in advance so you can get just what you are looking for.

You might want to stick with tradition and choose a nice, elegant 50th anniversary cake with gold accents. Remember that the 50th is the golden anniversary, so if you're more of the traditional type and love clean, understated elegance, this might be a good option for you.

Or, choose a cake that's completely frosted in gold fondant for a classy cake which represents the symbolism of the 50th anniversary. A cake with a couple of layers and wrapping it in "gold" ribbons is also a nice choice for a celebration such as this.

Now, if you've got some really great baking skills, you may want to consider making a cake on your own. This might be no small feat, but you can find some really wonderful decorating ideas that will suit the 50th anniversary you're celebrating.

Remember that sheet cakes are the simplest to make and decorating might be easier, but you can quite easily make a tiered cake, too. Or, consider a single layer cake that speaks volumes with its beautiful decorating. Many options for 50th anniversary cakes indeed!

No matter what type of cake you choose for the 50th wedding anniversary celebration, it should be something that speaks of the personalities of the people who are still together after so many years - half a century, in fact! So, no matter if you choose to have the 50th anniversary cake made or you make it yourself, it will be exactly suited to the anniversary you're celebrating.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for 50th Anniversary Cakes?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for beautiful and delicious 50th wedding anniversary cakes? Share and write about these 50 year wedding anniversary cake ideas here!

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