60th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Tips for Fine Presents

Are you searching for some wonderful 60th anniversary gift ideas?

The 60th anniversary is one of the most awesome as well as victorious moments in any marriage as well as occasions such as commemorating the years an organization has been functioning or a person has worked for a company.

The tradition of the 60th anniversary is believed to have come about after Queen Victoria celebrated her 60th year with a Diamond Jubilee celebration. Diamonds, which comes from Greek, meaning adamas, symbolizes the unconquerable and enduring aspects of a marriage that has spanned the time of sixty years and is often used as the gem of choice for this occasion.

There is no color that officially represents the 60th anniversary but, unofficially, diamond white is used when it comes to 60th anniversary gifts. Because there are also no flowers traditionally associated with the anniversary, bouquets are often made up of different white flowers with diamond stud, silver or pearl accents. Also to be considered are the thorn-less rose bushes, appropriately named Diamond Anniversary, which has beautiful lavender flowers. Another plant known as Diamond Wishes can also be used.

Because the 60th anniversary comes late in a person's life, the 60th anniversary gifts chosen should not only be age appropriate, but in line with their living spaces. At this time of life, many elderly people are downsizing and would not appreciate little knick knack items no matter how lovely or cute they are. Consider instead personal items, a basket that can be eaten or drunk relatively quickly, or an outing including their family and / or friends.

Another really neat idea is securing greetings from officials for this special anniversary. If you live in the UK, you can request a telegram from the Queen or Buckingham Palace, or for those in the US, from the President of the United States. In other countries, you might see if the service is offered by the Prime Minister.

Need more fine ideas for a great 60th anniversary gift?

Because at this stage of a person's life, family is important, consider photo albums, photo quilts, or an appropriate double photo frame with then and now pictures. The latter can be a wedding picture and a recent picture of the couple, or a picture when the person honored just started working and one depicting them today. Using a base plate of gold or silver, a frame can be finished by studding it with diamonds or crystal rhinestones, or inlays of mother of pearl. Pay attention to disposables such as balloons and tableware no one has to worry about in the long run.

Special gift packages or baskets can be put together that make not only thoughtful, but unique 60th anniversary gifts, including the all favorite wedding. Try a That was a Great Year Basket nostalgic of the year the couple was married and complete with a book / DVD highlighting the year's events and a CD of romantic and / or popular music from way back then.

Another great date night basket might include several movies from the wedding date era, some popcorn with buttery oil and champagne with commemorate stemware for later in the evening. The 'basket' may be a large bowl for the popcorn.

Did any of the above 60th anniversary gift ideas appeal to you?

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60th Anniversary Gift Ideas - Tips for Fine Presents

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