Wedding Anniversary Traditions - Ideas for Creating Your Own

When it comes to wedding anniversary traditions, although there are traditional gifts, gemstones, and even colors, sometimes, the best traditions are those that you start on your own.

The following are some ideas that might help you get started in creating your own anniversary traditions that you can carry out from year to year.

  1. Vow renewal ceremonies: You might want to consider renewing your vows from time to time. There is actually one couple that renews their vows every year on their anniversary. They don't have big celebrations and they don't always include other people, but they do always make an event out of it. What a meaningful wedding anniversary tradition! They have renewed their vows in Las Vegas several times, on the Hawaiian Islands, on cruise ships, and even on Macchu Picchu. You might want to consider something less extravagant.. or maybe not.

  2. Recreating the wedding ceremony: Of course, you don't have to don your dress or rent out a tuxedo, but you might want to consider dancing to your wedding song, having a piece of cake in honor of your anniversary, or even watching your wedding video.

  3. Take a tour: Sometimes, it's easy to forget where you came from. One fun wedding anniversary tradition might be returning to the spot where you first met, where you had your first kiss, or where the proposal was formed. This is not only a special way to reconnect, but it will also bring back fond memories.

  4. Take a trip: If you don't really want to go for a walk down memory lane, then maybe you'd like to go on a trip instead. Some couples opt to get away from it all on their anniversaries. Perhaps this will be your big trip of the year. Plan something fun and romantic that only the two of you might "get".

  5. Make something for one another: Instead of buying gifts for each other, why not make something as your wedding anniversary tradition? You don't even have to be that good with your hands. Since paper is the traditional 1st anniversary wedding gift, for example, why not "make" reservations at a nice hotel and present your significant other with the confirmation (hence the paper aspect of the gift)? Each year, you can try to find ways of recreating the traditional anniversary gift items without actually purchasing something from the store.

Wedding anniversary traditions are constant reminders regarding the significance of your marriage vows. Not only are anniversaries times when couples are able to focus on the love that they share for one another, but they are also times when couples are able to renew and deepen the love they have for one another as well.

By coming up with your own wedding anniversary traditions, not only will you get the opportunity to create something meaningful for the both of you, but you will also have the chance to be thoughtful and creative in the process. Sharing something that is special to just the two of you can bring you closer together and give you some fun to boot!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for Wedding Anniversary Traditions?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for wedding anniversary traditions? Have you created your own, or are inspired to do so? Share and write about these wedding anniversary tradition ideas here!

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Wedding Anniversary Traditions - Ideas for Creating Your Own

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