Amazing Race Party Ideas - Tips for Great Fun

Are you seeking fun and inspired amazing race party ideas?

Amazing race parties have popped up all over the place. It's a great way to get all of your guests involved in the fun and keep everyone busy without having to work hard at entertaining.

If you're not familiar with the show, it's where people pair off and travel around the world in search for clues to win a prize. The first one to complete the race wins.

On the show, the contestants travel around the world, and of course you can't offer that, but you can give people the amazing race experience without having to pay for the travel when you have the right ideas in mind. Here are a few amazing race party ideas and tips to get you going:

  • When it comes to decorations, the idea is to get people excited and feel as if they are really "going somewhere". Travel posters and different decorations from exciting parts of the world will help your guests to get fired up about the experience. Consider invitations that include passport stamps and consider using postcards of popular tourist destinations instead of the same old invitations you might find.

  • Another amazing race party idea is to consider asking people to wear colors that come from their ancestor's flags or the flags of their heritage. Hint: this is also a great way to keep track of the action when your guests are "racing" toward the prize.

  • Incorporate landmarks in a part of your town. For instance, if your town has a square, have teams look for clues around there. This will keep them active and busy, but having fun at the same time. Try to use some interesting facts about the landmarks you choose to throw in a little bit of a vacation feel.

  • As part of your amazing race party ideas, don't forget "roadblocks" and "detours" to derail your guests' progress. Choose simple things, such as counting the number of picnic tables at the park (including the hidden one under the trees), or ordering a super sized waffle cone or huge burger that they have to finish. Don't forget that roadblocks are for only one member of the team to complete, and detours are for both members of the team to complete. Mix it up and make sure your guests can have a good time with them.

  • For amazing race party ideas, don't forget prizes. You should have a little prize for the team who gets back to your house first. You can be fun or silly with this, depending on what you want to give, but it should be something that the winners feel good about getting, but the losers don't feel like they are missing out on.

  • Another aspect to plan when considering amazing race party ideas is party favors. Consider giving your guests guidebooks to your city if they are available, nice luggage tags, and CD's that include the music from your area. If you're having your party around the holidays, consider getting inexpensive Christmas ornaments from around the world.

You can have amazing race parties for people of all ages, but if the guests at the party aren't able to drive, then you might have to either take them somewhere, or plan the fun for your home if you aren't in walking distance to anything. For many people, this is a great way to give their kids a really fun party that won't leave the house a mess and the children bored.

When you're trying to think of something to do for your next party, why not get some amazing race party ideas and see how much fun it can be?


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Amazing Race Party Ideas - Tips for Great Fun

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