Making Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments on Your Own - Ideas and How to Do It

Are you seeking ideas for simple homemade Christmas ornaments to use as basic decorations?

Homemade Christmas ornaments can be as simple as hot gluing two candy canes (still wrapped in cellophane) together so that they form a heart. Glue a couple of berries and a leaf at the top joining place along with a loop for hanging, and after repeating the process nine more times, you have it. Buy several different varieties of candy canes for variety.

They can also be just a bit more involved, although still fairly simple, by baking cut out cookies that have not been rolled out as thick as usual, and that have had a hole punched into the top of them beforehand, for hanging. These should be painted with acrylic paints covering the entire ornament surface, front and back, thoroughly; decorate as you would a cookie.

Here's another idea for a simple homemade Christmas ornament - if you have male friends or family members who are into tractors, put several together by using Big Red or other gum that will fit the color scheme for the tractor body, mint patties (green and silver for the holidays) for the back wheels, Rolo type candy for the front wheels, a mini Hershey candy for the tractor engine housing area, and a kiss glued on upside down for a steering wheel. A ribbon can be hot glued on for easy mounting.

Pinecones make lovely and simple homemade Christmas ornaments with a minimum amount of fuss. Once they have been cleaned up, spray them with a clear adhesive and sprinkle with glitter before they dry. Make simple bows and hot glue them to the top (larger end) of the seed pod with a few leaves and a ribbon loop for hanging. For larger pinecones, purchase (or make) a large ribbon bow (at least two inches in diameter) and glue to the very top along with a loop.

Need more ideas for simple homemade Christmas ornaments?

Mr. and Mrs. Reindeer can be crafted from light bulbs - turned upside down with a hat fitted over the stem of the male and a big ribbon on top of the girl's 'head'. Base paint both bulbs brown to begin with and, after everything is in place, paint on the faces - big open eyes set on cheek lines for the male, and closed eyes with rosy cheeks for the girl.

Likewise, light bulbs painted white can be transformed into snowmen, as can inexpensive Christmas bulbs.

For this simple homemade Christmas ornament, large black dots can serve as eyes, while smaller ones can be painted on in the pattern of a smile. For the nose, use tiny orange buttons. Ear muffs can be made from small pompoms and little hats can be crafted from discarded baby socks. Canning lids also make pretty neat snowmen by following the same basic instructions. And because the surface is flat, wiggle eyes can be incorporated into the pattern.

Here's another simple homemade Christmas ornament idea - small 'rice' wreaths are really cute and can be done from year to year as part of the family's pictorial history.

Using green food coloring, dye rice, and then set aside to dry; dye a small portion of rice for 'berries'. Cut out circles - about four inches in radius, and paint green. When all is dry, glue a picture of your choice to the center of the circles. Apply glue all around the picture out to the edges, then apply the rice and berries.

Let set for about 10 minutes, and then sprinkle the wreath with glitter. Set aside to dry overnight, and you will have your beautiful simple homemade Christmas ornament.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Making Simple Homemade Christmas Ornaments?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for making simple homemade Christmas ornaments? Share and write about these tips and ideas for handmade Christmas ornaments here!

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