Anniversary Gift for Wife - Tips and Ideas

Choosing the right anniversary gift for wife can be really hard.

How do you know if she wants long stemmed roses and a shiny bauble to sit around her throat or a day alone at the spa to be pampered and beautiful?

The truth is that many men don't know what their wives truly want and they rely too much on suggestions in magazines, which are sometimes fabulous and go over very well, but sometimes fall a little short of what she is really dreaming of getting for your anniversary.

You don't have to worry that you're a horrible gift giver any more, though, when you know what you should be doing to make sure that you give her a truly wonderful anniversary gift that she will love. In just a few steps, you'll likely find that you have a ton of great ideas that will have her loving you more than ever because of your talents when it comes to reading her mind.

So here are some tips and ideas for getting a great anniversary gift for wife.

  • Pay attention to what she tells you - this is an important tip for figuring out what anniversary gift for wife to get. If you're lucky, your wife will get to the point that she tells you the things she would really like to have and keeps repeating them over and over. This is something that many women finally begin to do only after they realize that you haven't been paying attention to what she says, so start early and listen up.

  • Go shopping with her. Sometimes, just by spending a day shopping with your wife (not at the grocery store), you will be able to really see the things she loves and would love to have. This will, of course, help you to pick a good anniversary gift for wife. For instance, if you have one of those wives who loves the "finer things" in life, then you'll likely stop into a jewelry store and be looking at fragrances, as well. When you're in that jewelry store, pay attention to the pieces that she seems to keep looking at and dreaming of. She doesn't have to tell you anything when you focus on the way she reacts when she smells a certain fragrance, either. This is one of the best ways to get her a truly fabulous and unexpected anniversary gift.

  • Ask her what she would really like to have. Make it like an, "if I could get you anything¬Ö" type of question and see what she says. Some of her answers might be over the top, but if she sees that you're serious, she will eventually find out what she really wants.

  • Do a little bit of listening in on her conversations with her mom, sister and girlfriends. Many times, this is one of the best ways to get ideas for a great anniversary gift for wife. If she says, "I would love to have that new vacuum," though, don't run out and buy it for her as an anniversary gift. However, if she specifies something that she really would love to be able to get or be able to afford to get, you might be onto something good.

The key to giving a truly wonderful anniversary gift for wife has to do with getting to know what she wants in the little ways, and being able to identify with what she really loves. One of the most common complaints of married women is that their husbands become too "comfortable" in their relationships or lose any sense of romance, so why not prove her wrong this year and start thinking like you used to when you wanted her to fall in love with you?

A little time and effort can really pay off when you're seeking the perfect anniversary gift for wife, so take the time to pay attention to what she really wants, and you might just get a little more of what you want, too.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for An Anniversary Gift for Wife?

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Anniversary Gift for Wife - Tips and Ideas

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