Wedding Anniversary Presents - Gift Ideas for Married Couples

Are you seeking some great ideas for wedding anniversary presents or gifts?

A couple can sometimes get so caught up in the daily running of their lives that they forget to spend quality time together, so if you are looking to give a gift on a wedding anniversary, then give something that the couple can share or do together.

In this way, you are not only giving a gift, but also giving the couple an opportunity to create special memories while enjoying each other's company.

There is a huge range of outdoor activities which is the perfect gift for an active, adventurous couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. You can buy entry tickets for one of the many national parks where the couple can spend the day hiking through the beautiful countryside.

Make this wedding anniversary present an extraordinary gift by packing a hiking backpack with some romantic picnic foods and, of course, don't forget the bottle of champagne. If your budget allows, you can have a quilt made especially for the couple and add that to their picnic backpack to use as a blanket.

Adventure sports are also a very popular outdoor activity and you can buy tickets ahead of time and slip them into a homemade wedding anniversary card. Rock climbing, kayaking, white river rafting, abseiling or paintball are all activities which the couple can enjoy together as well as spend quality time with each other. The couple can round their exciting and eventful day off with a romantic dinner at their favorite restaurant.

Need more ideas for wedding anniversary presents?

Plan a movie night for the couple, where you rent a range of DVD's that you think they may enjoy watching snuggled up on the sofa together. You can add a touch of sophistication by leaving a chilled bottle of champagne in their fridge, with a specially designed label, which they can enjoy. Add a snack type gift basket with all manner of nuts, chocolates and pretzels for them to nibble on, and once again you can give them a blanket or quilt as a gift.

Theatre tickets for a well known show that the couple will enjoy together are also perfect wedding anniversary presents. Try to choose a show where the couple needs to dress in formal attire to build the excitement, as well as a show where the dinner is included. This will give the couple an all-round experience of theatre and a romantic dinner without a lot of extra effort from your side.

If you would like to give more practical wedding anniversary presents, then take a look around your local model toy shop. There is a huge range of model toys available that the couple can spend time building together. This type of gift will make the couple feel that they are working together to build something they can both enjoy. Once the model toy is completed, the couple will experience a sense of achievement, which would naturally bring them closer to each other.

Many couples who are celebrating a wedding anniversary need a bit of push in the right direction to rekindle the love and togetherness they experienced when they first got married. Helping them to rediscover their spark is the best gift anyone can give them - keep this in mind when getting wedding anniversary presents.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas for Wedding Anniversary Presents?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for wedding anniversary gifts? Share and write about these wedding anniversary present ideas here!

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