Baby Shower Wishing Well - Useful Ideas and Tips

Do you wish to plan a baby shower wishing well? Or perhaps you wish to learn about what gifts to attach to a wishing well?

Here are some useful tips and ideas.

A new trend in baby showers is the wishing well and money tree. Many people love this idea because it's a fun way for new parents to get a little financial boost when they need it the most.

You can create a baby shower wishing well in a few easy steps, so that the new parents in your life have a little extra money to pay for expenses or start a college fund for their new bundle of joy.

Some people don't like the idea that they are asking for money, however, so they might ask that people bring small unwrapped gifts with the symbolism of their gifts attached. You can ensure that this happens by specifying what you would like on the invitations.

Things to include in a wishing well

If you've been invited to a baby shower that will have a wishing well and you aren't sure what you should be including, it's a good idea to ask the hostess of the party. Essentially, do they want money or gifts? If you're including gifts in the wishing well, consider things that a new parent can use which are small.

  • Trial size packets of bath goodies are great for the mother to be. She can use them when she gets a moment, and you can say something on the card like, "Wishing you the time to relax and be rested."

  • Consider offering a small token, such as a silver or gold dollar, and include sentiments such as, "Wishing your new baby will always have money."

If the baby shower wishing well is something that will not include money, you should make sure that you get something small that the new parent will need. You would be amazed at how many little things you can get that are small and inexpensive for a new baby.

How to plan a wishing well

If you're hosting a baby shower, you might be wondering how you can incorporate something such as this into your baby shower. While you don't want to offend people by requesting money, when you ask for small donations, it's not such a burden on your guests. You can simply set one baby shower wishing well up, and ask that your guests include some change and write their wishes for the new parents and baby on a card.

You can also make sure to mention something on the invitation if you're giving a wishing well with small gifts, so that each guest comes prepared. Include a tag for the guests to attach to their "wish" gift to make it easier for them to get started, and you might want to include some simple instructions.

If you're hosting the baby shower, you might also be wondering how you can make your own wishing well for this occasion, and you will find lots of great ideas for making these lovely additions. For a baby shower wishing well, consider using a tub or bucket which you have painted and attaching small disposable diapers to it with double sided tape. The new parents will not only have plenty of diapers to spare, but they will find all kinds of treasures to help them with their brand new baby.

A baby shower wishing well can be a fun way to make sure the new parents get everything they need, and even some things they didn't know they needed.

Have fun with baby shower wishing wells!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for a Baby Shower Wishing Well?

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