Bed Bug Bite - Facts, Information and How to Deal With One

Are you suffering from a bed bug bite?

Do you wish to learn about these bites as well as how to deal with them?

Finding out that you have bed bugs is really an awful experience. Many people worry whether the bed bug bites are dangerous or not, and how to stop the terrible itching.

There are people who aren't affected by the bites at all - you're bitten while you are sleep, and the bed bug injects a chemical into your skin that stops the blood from clotting - this is why it is sometimes not felt.

However, some people are allergic to this chemical, and this is where the spots and the itching come from. Most people have mild allergic reactions to bed bug bites - most of the time, it is just very itchy and extremely annoying. However, if you have symptoms that are more serious than itching, then it would be a good idea to see your doctor.

It is difficult to know for sure whether the rash you have on your skin is due to bites from bed bugs or not, because there is really nothing distinctive about them at all. As a matter of fact, many doctors are also sometimes baffled and misdiagnose them as some other type of skin problem.

There are sprays available that do kill bed bugs, although there are so many of them, that it will not eliminate them totally. One way to help prevent those that are left, after spraying, at getting to you, is to make a line of double-sided tape around the base of your bed, as well as around the side of your mattress. If the bed bugs try to get at you, they'll stick to the tape.

There are many lotions and other solutions to help with the itching of a bed bug bite, but the best thing to do is to try and get rid of the bed bugs altogether.

Bed bugs are 5 to 7mm in length, have mouthparts that are modified for piercing and sucking, and can live anywhere in your home. They live between floorboards, in furniture, in your mattress as well as the bed frame, and even behind peeling paint. They normally feed at night, about an hour before dawn.

Bed bugs will attack anyone, no matter what your age, sex, or race, and their bites look very different from one person to another. Each female lays about 300 eggs in her lifetime, and the eggs take about ten days to hatch.

There are bed bug bites that are large, small, some have a red dot in the center, some have a scab, others don't, while some look like mosquito bites or pimples. There could be single bites, groups of two or three, some are in a circle, and some are in a line.

Apparently, multiple bites occur if you move when the bed bug is feeding. In other words, if you move, they move, and start the whole process all over again. Another reason for multiple bed bug bites is whether your veins are easily accessed by the bed bugs or not. If your veins are easily accessed, then it means that the bedbug needs pierce only once. Otherwise, there could be several bites.

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Bed Bug Bite - Facts, Information and How to Deal With One

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