Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas - Inspiration for Great Presents

Are you cracking your head for some best friend birthday gift ideas?

Your best friend has been around for a long time. They've seen you at your worst and your best, and they know all of your stories and how you got to where you are now.

So what in the world do you get them for their birthday?

Presumably, you know your best friend better than most people know them. Therefore, you want to make sure that your birthday gift to them not only stands out, but is meaningful and useful to them in ways that other people's might not be.

So what are some inspiring best friend birthday gift ideas?

When it comes to women, purchasing a gift for your best friend can sometimes be linked to things that the two of you did together in the past. Women are able to build up a lot of history together and, if you're the kind of friends that like to reminisce and think about the past, then you might want to keep this in mind when you're trying to come up with a best friend birthday gift idea.

If you've been friends since childhood, for example, then you might want to consider a scrapbook full of photos of the two of you. You might have photos of your best friend growing up that they don't possess themselves and wouldn't mind having. If you don't have the time to sit down and cut and paste, then many online companies such as Shutterfly offer "photo books", where you simply upload the pictures and they arrange them for you in an attractive scrapbook style book.

Other good best friend birthday gift ideas involve things that the two of you can do together. Often, as people age, they find that family and life obligations mean that they are unable to spend as much time together as they used to. For that reason, you might want to give your best friend a present that includes some quality girl time with you. Consider a trip to a day spa, an overnight getaway to a nearby city, dinner at your friend's favorite restaurant, or even a movie night together.

Men can keep these things in mind, too. Although you might not necessarily want to take your best male friend to a day spa for the afternoon, dinner at his favorite restaurant, drinks on the town, or tickets to a concert can be a good way of spending time together and celebrating a birthday - these are some possible best friend birthday gift ideas.

If time is something that you need to take into consideration, and neither one of you seems to have much of it, then buying gifts that relate to your friend's hobbies is always a good option. If your best friend likes working on his car, for instance, then consider a car maintenance gift set that includes an oil pan, oil, gloves, a rag, and cleaning supplies. If he enjoys gardening, then consider a gift certificate to a gardening center or some new outside tools.

If your female friend needs some relaxation time, then bubble bath, her favorite CD and candles are almost always welcomed as a possible best friend birthday gift idea.

The important thing is that you purchase gifts that are relevant to your best friend's personality and what they enjoy doing. However, if you can include yourself in the gift as well, such as attending a concert together or going to dinner together, then you are also including some great company, too. That would definitely form an important part of a great best friend birthday gift idea.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Best Friend Birthday Gift Ideas?

Do YOU have some fine ideas for birthday presents for one's best friend? Share and write about your great birthday gift ideas here!

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