Great Birthday Presents - Ideas for Special Gifts

Are you searching for ideas for great birthday presents and gifts?

A birthday is celebrated in honor of the birth of each one of us. It symbolizes the beginning of our existence as well as marks another year we have lived.

People around the world celebrate birthdays in different ways, some elaborate and others more subdued. Some families go all out, spending as much money as it takes to get what the birthday person wants. There are parties that cost more than the gift and have extensive guest lists, or destinations booked just for the occasion.

On the other hand, others, whether for monetary reasons, tradition, or simply preference, celebrate the birthdays of those around them more intimately. Along with a few of the more prominent holidays, birthdays are among the most important days of a person's life because they are so personal to the individual celebrating it.

Traditionally, birthdays are an emotional affair. Yes, they tell a person's age, but they are also very revealing about the years that have passed between the first and the one being celebrated. Some people struggle with getting older, while others embrace it as family and friends gather to participate in their milestone with them.

So what would make great birthday presents and gifts?

A good present should denote the person's personality in some way. It might reflect something they are interested in, something they collect, or something they can use but might never buy for themselves. Great birthday presents might be something plush, or some little thing in their favorite color.

A favorite CD, a subscription to a favorite magazine, a book with special meaning, or a quiet dinner with three or four close friends might mean more than any other type of gift, because of who they are. Always take things like this into consideration when planning your purchase of great birthday presents.

A woman of any age might enjoy a scrapbook. For a young woman, make the journey's theme toward this birthday about growing up and maturing just for this occasion. For an older woman, look back over a lifetime of achievement in a fun and respectful way, including accomplishment as well as family.

A man, on the other hand, would probably prefer a picture collage in a frame denoting a targeted theme - say, a weekend rafting trip with friends the summer before. Include close-ups of each individual who was present, plus some of the actual trip down the river.

What are some other possible great birthday presents?

Women appreciate things of interest, things they are passionate about - their families, their career, their comfort. Plan gifts around such events, places, people, or passions, so it will be one of the possessions she hangs onto for years to come. If a man loves baseball, he would probably love tickets to a game of his favorite team or an autographed ball, etc. Making it personal makes a special and great birthday present.

For young women, cosmetics, a cute bikini lingerie set, chocolates in a coffee mug with a fun saying on it about friendship, a framed photograph from a fun or favorite place; it could be any fun thing concerning the two of you or something she holds dear. A young man would more likely appreciate a favorite CD or a burned collection of his favorite songs or group, or an updated version of his favorite video / computer game.

Both men and women like chocolate or jewelry - these, too, are possible great birthday presents. This is an especially nice gift for couples, along with a movie you have both wanted to see and / or candlelit dinner for two.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Great Birthday Presents - Creative, Special or Unusual Gift Ideas

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