Best Romantic Movies and Love Films

Are you looking for some of the best romantic movies out there?

These can make a really great gift for someone you love as a promise to spend rainy weekend afternoons watching them together, and for many of us, romantic movies just set the mood very nicely.

And while you have your own tastes, you should know what some of the top rated romantic movies are and include them in your list.

  • There is a common argument regarding the very best romantic movie of all time, but for many, it's a tie between "Gone with the Wind" and "Casablanca". Even if you don't love old films, you really should see each of these once so you can at least get an idea of the chivalry that has been involved in romance of days gone by.

  • "Breakfast at Tiffany's", "An Officer and a Gentleman", and "When Harry Met Sally" are also iconic romantic movies that spread across the ages.

  • If you like your romantic movies to be a little more current and feel that there are a few which are just too outdated for your tastes, you'll probably love "Jerry McGuire" or "City of Angels", which are both incredibly romantic while maintaining a more modern feel.

  • Need more ideas for the best romantic movies? "The English Patient" and "The Notebook" both speak of eternal love, so if you are seeking a movie that will move you to tears, then these are two choices you shouldn't miss out on.

  • "Beauty and the Beast". Yes, it's Disney, and yes, it's animated, but the story is one that gets people of all ages, where the beauty of the soul transcends the beauty of the body and unites two beings in a love that is stronger than they ever realized.

  • "Titanic" is another heartbreakingly beautiful story about a couple who meets by chance and share a whirlwind romance beyond any before - or after.

  • If you love romantic comedies, then you will think that "Love Actually" is just what your heart needs. Its witty portrayal of different romances as they progress will have you laughing, and crying, by the end of the film. This is surely one of the best romantic movies of recent times.

  • "Atonement" is another relatively new film that is the story of a love that doesn't die despite many external factors. Seductive and rich with feeling, you might find yourself absorbed in this romantic movie.

  • "Serendipity" is another movie that is just too sweet to be real. A chance meeting results in a series of near misses for a couple that is destined to be together.

  • Still seeking more ideas for the best romantic movies? If you've ever had that "friend" who turned into something more, then "If Lucy Fell" is a must see for you. It's always said that before you search the world for something you can't find, you should see what's right in front of you, and this movie uses this point for the plot.

  • Now, this one might be a little off the beaten path, but if you love Adam Sandler and a little bit of charming, sweet romance, then "The Wedding Singer" might be one of the best romantic movies you'll ever see.

Whether a film is a truly good movie always depends on how it makes you feel, and when it comes to romantic movies, if the movie ends and you find yourself looking a little more sweetly at your mate, then it has really done its job.

How do you tell which are the best romantic movies? Well, they stir something within the heart and leave us crying tears of joy or smiling from ear to ear, or even weeping from a broken heart.

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