Top Ten Romantic Movies - Must See Romance Films

Seeking the best romantic movies?

This article discusses the top ten romantic movies, based on the opinions of others - all of them are considered good movies, but some have a much deeper effect on people than others do.

10. Bandslam - Charlotte, played by Vanessa Hudgens, who stars as the pretty lead singer in a band, wants to challenge her ex in the battle of the bands, and needs help. She approaches Will, a newcomer to the town, and ends up falling for him. One bonus of the movie is that you get to see David Bowie in a short cameo of himself.

9. The Proposal - Sandra Bullock stars as a really tough book editor who is disliked intensely by her staff. Discovering that she is being deported to Canada, she forces her assistant Andrew, played by Ryan Reynolds, to marry her. This is actually a business deal, but becomes a real romance when the couple is obligated to spend a weekend with Andrew's family.

8. At number eight of our list of the top ten romantic movies is The Notebook, a romantic tearjerker starring Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams. It is a story about first love between Allie and Noah, who meet at a carnival, and fall deeply in love. Allie's family is wealthy and doesn't approve of Noah, who is poor, and the family forces the two apart.

7. Harold and Maude - An old movie, yes, but still very appealing. This romantic movie proves that age is indeed just a number. The romantic involvement between a hearse-driving teenager and an eighty-year-old prankster is really mind-boggling!

6. Love Actually - R-rated for profanity and nudity, it stars Hugh Grant, as well as other well-known actors who tell seven stories about various types of love. Each story is romantic and really touches the heart of the viewer. Because of the rating, it is obviously not for everyone, but romantic adults will find it one of the best romantic movies around, certainly one of the top ten romantic movies.

5. Something's Gotta Give - This top ten romantic movie stars Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson, and proves that romance is not only for the under thirties. These two great actors play the couple at the heart of the movie, and their acting skills make the movie a total winner.

4. Moulin Rouge - This is one of the best top ten romantic movies and certainly one of those movies that you want to see time and again. This tragic love story stars Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor as star-crossed singers who fall deeply in love.

3. Lost In Translation - Starring Bill Murray and Scarlett Johansson, this movie is a romantic comedy set in Japan. We'll never know what Bill Murray whispered into her ear at the end of their stay in Japan, but whatever it was, it must have been perfect.

2. Heights - This is a great romantic movie about Elizabeth Banks and is set in Manhattan. One really chaotic day, she makes peace with her mother, discovers that her fiance is gay, and by the evening, finds true love. The ending of Heights is dramatic, romantic, and will leave you absolutely breathless.

1. Sweet Home Alabama - Rounding off our list of top ten romantic movies, this movie was filmed in Georgia and stars Reese Witherspoon. She is totally confused as to whom to choose, between Josh Lucas and Patrick Dempsey, who each desperately wanted her for his own.

We hope you enjoy this selection of top ten romantic movies which we have collated. Have fun watching them!

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