Christmas Gifts for Teens - Ideas for Good Presents for Teenagers

Are you wondering what would make good Christmas gifts for teens?

Teens are probably one of the hardest groups of people to buy for. They are at a stage in their lives when leaving childhood and all the games that go with it is at one point, and right next to it is one point that are girls, football, learning to drive and that great looking iPod - or maybe the iPhone.

In their own minds, things are not fine tuned yet, so when you ask what they would like, it may not be so far-fetched when they say: I don't know.

It certainly makes money look good, doesn't it? Speaking of which, there is nothing wrong with giving money as Christmas gifts for teens. Guys, who seem to be mysteries, even to their moms, might just appreciate about five crisp twenties in a popular style wallet or a monogrammed money clip just for teens. Let it be the only stocking stuffer, and the gifts under the tree could be accessories to his iPhone or MP3 player and perhaps that mystifying gravity ball by Fushigi. It's twenty bucks but teens seem to love it.

Though boys do share several commonalities, they seem to come in types - he may be athletic or an extreme sports participator (snowboarding, skateboarding, etc), studious or a creative thinker, a trend setter, or the geek who is too smart for his own skin. There is also the activist and the achiever. Your job, of course, is to know or to find out which category your teen fits into best. This will greatly help your task of finding suitable Christmas gifts for teens.

Most teens love music and the thought of an iPod or MP3 player - actually, anything cool techno (video games, digital anything, etc), may be a good investment and could make good Christmas gifts for teens. Maybe your teen is more seriously minded and would better enjoy a guitar and lessons at a local music store. You can also find out what concerts are happening in the area - two tickets, dinner and gas money is a pretty fair gift.

How about Christmas gifts for teen girls? For girls, we have the same basic groups they naturally fall into - where one type may love a trip to Victoria Secret for pajama sets, another group wouldn't be caught dead in them but will rally to the end for the vanishing animal half way across the globe. And that could be the theme for her new tee-jama set - you'd love to get her with matching fuzzy slippers and socks. If there is not a local printer who will take the pictures of the endangered species you found online and transfer them for you, go back online and find a place that will.

More ideas for Christmas gifts for teen gals - girls love iPhones also, plus laptops, CDs and / or player, favorite movies, jewelry, hair accessories, perfume and make-up. They, like young men, love hoodies and crazy vests for wearing over new spring dresses.

Both guys and gals will appreciate money being set aside for their college education - even if they do not let you know on Christmas morning when there is an empty gift space. But one mom solved it in this manner: Out of the top of the stocking every year was a bank book, and for one day the teen could look over the activity of the year and know his / her future was being secured. Surely this is one of the more meaningful Christmas gifts for teens?

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What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Christmas Gifts for Teens?

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