Corporate Anniversary Gift Ideas

Need ideas for a good corporate anniversary gift?

No matter what anniversary your company is celebrating, you need to spread congratulations and thanks to the employees and clients who help make your company a success.

This is a perfect opportunity to motivate and inspire your employees to take your company through to its next anniversary as well as outline the plans for the coming year.

There is a large range of corporate gifts which can be printed with your logo on and which can be used all around the office. There are pens, notepads, folders, desk accessories, general office accessories, as well as coffee mugs, memory sticks and key rings.

These gifts are very practical corporate anniversary gifts if you would like to display your company logo all around your premises. You do, however, need to allow for a large lead time to have the logo printed, especially if it is large amounts of gifts.

A personal favorite is a fully equipped picnic basket which comes complete with a picnic blanket, mugs, plates and knives and forks which neatly strap into the basket to keep them in place. Arrange to take your employees to a concert or show which is being held in a park, allowing everyone to use their baskets. If you would really like to show your gratitude, you can have their baskets packed with a range of gourmet foods and drinks.

If you have a large of amount of money in your budget, you can plan a weekend away for your employees and their spouses as a corporate anniversary gift. You could also include a motivational seminar from a famous motivational speaker. Plan an itinerary that is fun and relaxed, with some outdoor activities and an evening dinner.

As a gift, you can give the ladies a pamper package with all manner of bath goodies and face cleansers. Put together a goodie bag of nuts, golf balls, caps and interesting electronic gadgets which the men can have loads of fun with.

Using gift baskets for corporate anniversary gifts is not only easy, but also can incorporate any manner of goodies from snacks to wine to gadgets. There are many creative entrepreneurs who are ready and willing to assist you in putting together a special basket for men and women, as well as brand some of the items with your company logo.

Glassware can also be used as corporate anniversary gifts, as most items can be engraved with a special message as well as the company logo. A set of wine or whiskey glasses works well for employees who enjoy drinking alcohol; alternatively, you can give glass vases or trophies engraved with something like "You are awarded the Manager of the Year award". This adds to the motivation of the employees as well as recognizes their contribution towards a successful company.

The message you want to send with giving your employees corporate anniversary gifts is one of gratitude for the loyalty, hard work and team work that each one has contributed to the development of your company. Try to make each gift feel personal and well thought out, as well as practical and in line with your company's ethics.

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What Are YOUR Favorite Corporate Anniversary Gift Ideas?

Do YOU have in mind some wonderful tips and ideas for corporate anniversary gifts? Share and write about these corporate anniversary gift ideas here!

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Corporate Anniversary Gift Ideas

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