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Are you looking for great ideas for anniversary gifts for parents?

Anniversaries mark a particular, usually noteworthy, day in one's life.

At one time, it meant the commemoration of an important event, but people celebrate anniversaries for many reasons in this day and age - from breaking ground on a building site to the establishing of a new chain of stores to first laying eyes on your future life partner.

With our parents, it is generally a wedding anniversary, and giving a gift is often in order. Regardless of whether your parents are celebrating their 25th, 40th or 50th anniversary, the celebration of the union between two people signifies more than just the two of them. It is all about their life together, what they have built, and their children.

Most parents do not expect anything from their children. To be with them on their special day means more to them than anything monetary, especially in their later years, but children, nonetheless, want to give to the two pillars in their lives. However, large or small, inexpensive or costly, they want their anniversary gifts for parents to be a token of the love and affection they first learned from them.

Personalized, as well as personal gifts can be given more readily by children because of the bond and relationship into their personal world. And even for the more general gift, a loving touch can be added by writing a poem or personal message from the heart and either giving it with the gift or having it engraved on the gift.

Although handbags or jewelry are popular gifts from daughters for any anniversary, or rings, watches and wallets from sons, traditional anniversary gifts for parents that they might enjoy include crystal for their 15th anniversary. Figurines that symbolize the particular anniversary, or champagne glasses with a bottle of the bubbly arranged in a basket and presented with flare - perhaps at a party thrown for them, or with a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant, are fun as well as appreciated anniversary gifts for parents.

As with the 15th anniversary, the 20th is represented by specific gifts such as china, platinum items (bracelets, earrings, necklace, ring or watch) and emerald - jewelry or just the color. While any of these mediums represents long lasting, china represents the delicate, valuable and cherished as well. If your mother (or the woman) enjoys flowers, consider a bouquet with day lilies in it - or, for the gardener, an assortment of bulbs would be appropriate as possible anniversary gifts for parents.

The 30th anniversary represents three decades together as a couple. It is called the pearl anniversary, but a diamond is also appropriate. For the 40th anniversary, it is rubies because its strong color has long represented passion. The stone as well as the color can be considered.

Of course, the 25th and 50th wedding anniversaries are milestones and represented respectively by silver and gold. Both metals are known for their brilliance and endurance. Because they are your parents, you have insight into their history and can choose anniversary gifts for parents that are representative of what they have come through together.

Often, anniversaries later in life do not even need gifting. The couple is just as comfortable with a few friends over an intimate dinner. A toast from the children recapping the love and honor and their own relationship with their parents can contribute to one of the best gifts ever.

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