Craft Ideas for Mother's Day - Wonderful Gifts for Mom

Are you seeking inspiration for craft ideas for Mother's Day?

Mother's Day is the day we acknowledge our mothers and try to show them how much we love them for all they do for us. Of course, we should show our appreciation for them every day, but that somehow doesn't happen!

You could get Mom a beautiful card and bunch of flowers from the store, but she would really love to receive a homemade card from her children. This is one of the wonderful craft ideas for Mother's Day and would help the kids to develop their skills at making crafts.

You can help them to create a really special card using blank cardstock and envelopes. This would be unique and be treasured forever. The older children can use their imagination and complete the entire project themselves, but smaller ones might need a little help. A nice touch would be to give Mom a pretty box to store the card - and all the other Mother's Day cards she's going to receive through the years.

One of the cute craft ideas for Mother's Day for little ones is to make a special mother's pillowcase. Just place a piece of cardboard in the middle of the pillow case so that the paint doesn't seep through, paint the child's hand with fabric paint and press onto the fabric. Older children could omit the handprint and simply write a message such as, "I Love You, Mommy" or "Sweet Dreams, Mommy" or even just "Goodnight, Mom".

Using the children's handprints to decorate items are great craft ideas for Mother's Day. Their hands can be used to decorate so many items: aprons, plant pots, stepping stones for the garden, etc. Just use your imagination, but be sure to use a clear gloss spray for items that are to be used outdoors so that the treasured handprints won't wash away.

Need more creative craft ideas for Mother's Day?

A simple idea for Mother's Day is to make a "Box of Kisses" by taking a small box and having the child blow kisses inside. You will need to close the box quickly so that the kisses can't escape! Then help the child to wrap the box and decorate with ribbon. Add a gift tag that tells Mom the box is full of kisses so that she doesn't open it wide and let them all fly out at once!

Shells, buttons and beads are often used to craft homemade gifts for Mother's Day. Decorate a photo frame with shells and insert a photo of the family on vacation at the beach; or buy an unfinished wooden box at a craft store and decorate it with buttons or beads to make Mom her own unique handcrafted jewelry box. Just be certain that all the glued-on objects are firmly secured and given a second coat of glue or gloss paint so as to make sure the decorations won't come off.

A hand made "Memory Book" is another of the great craft ideas for Mother's Day that would make a wonderful gift for Mom. You will need to buy a really nice hard-backed book with blank pages for this. Find family photos that are special to your mother and copy them, then paste them into the journal and decorate the pages with stickers, quotes, poems and little notes describing the photo and your memories of the occasion when it was taken.

Whatever craft ideas for Mother's Day you come up with to make that special gift for Mom's Day, you can be sure that she will appreciate it more than a store-bought gift - although you can always make a trip to the store and buy her perfume, chocolates or jewelry to go with it. Whatever her heart desires - you know she's worth it!

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