Creative Birthday Ideas - Inspiration for that Special Day

Do you need inspiration for some creative birthday ideas?

A birthday is about more than just going into another year or even being a year older. For some, it is a time for reflecting on what they have achieved and what they still want to achieve in the future, and for others, it's time to have a bit of fun.

Everyone should, at the very least, spend their birthday doing something they love to do but don't necessarily have the time to do it.

Here are some unusual but great ideas for things to do on your birthday.

A country weekend needs some planning and research but this creative birthday idea is well worth the effort. Start the weekend with a healthy hearty English breakfast, preferably one in the country and close to an organic food market, golf course or a traditional country fair; that way, there are lots of activities to do and many places to see. It's a great idea to look for a local pub or inn, where you can sleep over night after enjoying sunset drinks and traditional country cooking.

Try staying at home and doing things you love, even if it's curling up with the latest bestseller or watching re-runs of a favorite television series. Doing this will leave you feeling rested and satisfied, too.

Organizing a "Spa Day" is another of the creative birthday ideas - it is simply a breeze as all it takes is a phone call and the Spa takes care of the rest. Have a mud bath, facial massage, manicure, pedicure, any number of body massages, healthy vegetable juices, salads, etc, and spend quality time with best friends. With a bit of luck, you could meet some new friends, but at the very least you will feel like a million dollars.

Ever wanted to do adventure sports? Well, now's the time to explore creative birthday ideas along those lines. Take the plunge and go on that micro-light flight, take a bunch of friends on a sky diving trip, go with the family on a quad bike picnic, book a river rafting adventure, or enjoy a romantic ski trip. There are many adventure sports agencies that have endless options for the strong of heart, body and mind.

Anyone who enjoys shopping will love a day spent at a mall, and to add a bit of fun, they can be made to decipher a clue to get to the right shop. This is great fun if there is a voucher or an amount of money they could spend as a reward for getting it right. This is perhaps not exactly the most creative birthday idea of all, but it can still be a fun and memorable day out nonetheless.

Still in need of more creative birthday ideas?

Going on a golf day is great for guys who need to work on their golfing technique, especially when friends and family members join in. Hiding a golfing gift like a club or a golf ball at every green would make it extra special, especially when everyone joins in to find it.

Take someone special to a new movie release, a theatre show, or even a comedy show. Top that off with dinner at a favorite restaurant, maybe somewhere where they put sparkles on your pudding, then end the evening with a visit to a nightclub or bar for a snifter of a rare cognac.

Whatever you choose to do on a birthday, remember that it's a celebration that one is alive, so do at least one thing you've been meaning to do all your life. The possibilities for creative birthday ideas are endless!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Creative Birthday Ideas?

Do YOU have some unusual and creative ideas for having a special birthday celebration? Share and write about your great birthday ideas here!

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