Adult Birthday Party Ideas - Inspiration for a Fun Time

Need some inspiring adult birthday party ideas?

Lace the birthday party with a tot of naughtiness, spice it up with sophisticated drinks, kick it up a notch with a bunch of golden oldie songs, and you have a hit on your hands that will keep people asking for more! This doesn't have to be a tall order if you spend time planning it and hunt for special items well in advance.

A huge hit, especially for the men, is the James Bond theme, where everyone comes dressed as a star who appeared in any one of the James Bond movie series. Label your invitations "Top Secret", make casino tables with chips, and add spy cams and spy ears to carry the theme across. Serve typical finger food with flavored and colored martinis, add olives, and pour into personalized martini glasses.

Here is a great time to haul out that unused chocolate fountain and surround it with fresh strawberries, marshmallows and bananas; add some after dinner sherry to the chocolate for an added kick!

How about a mysterious adult birthday party idea?

Throw a masked party for a truly memorable experience. Invite your guests by writing on the back of a mask, with feathers stapled or glued on and a bit of glitter to give it sophistication, and have it delivered in a gift box wrapped in tissue paper.

For the decor for this adult birthday party idea, you could string up colored fairy lights around the trees or pillars, or around huge clear glass vases in which you put dyed feathers of all colors instead of flower arrangements. Throw glitter stars all over the tables, chairs, and floor, and make big masks from cardboard, spray them gold and silver, then put them up on the walls. Have waiters (your children dressed smartly) stride around the room with silver platters of sweet and savory pastries, biscuits, cheese, and of course champagne.

What other adult birthday party ideas are there?

Living near the beach gives the perfect opportunity to throw a huge survivor-like beach party, with hundreds of bamboo lamps all over the beach, have drums with huge bon fires going in them, and of course have a picnic style dining room where everyone can sit around on blankets. Use straw baskets to serve luscious strawberries with whipped cream, thinly sliced ham, sticky caramelized apples, and potently mixed fruit punch to wash it down with.

For this adult birthday party idea, get everyone to play the limbo game, which you can easily make with two horizontal sticks and one stick that goes vertically across and between the other sticks. Everyone would have to walk under the stick while bending backwards without touching the ground with their hands.

Have a few brightly colored beach balls, boogie boards, surf boards and a makeshift volley ball court for a bit of added fun.

With these great adult birthday party ideas, you are guaranteed to have tons of phone calls from everyone asking when the next naughty but nice birthday party will be. Who knows, it could just become the annual event of the county!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Adult Birthday Party Ideas?

Do YOU have some inspiring ideas for throwing a fun and exciting adult birthday party? Share and write about your great birthday party ideas here!

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