Easter Egg Games to Play for Great Fun and Laughter

Do you wish to organize Easter egg games and want some tips and ideas?

With Easter fast approaching, it is a good idea to get started thinking about what Easter fun you and your family will have together this holiday season. Children love Easter time, with lots of candy, goodies, and games available for the little ones.

I don't know what little boy or girl wouldn't love to participate in Easter egg games. I know that all of my children look forward to games, crafts, Easter baskets, and a big Easter brunch.

If you'd like to play Easter egg games with your children this year, read on for a variety of these games you could play and enjoy.

Easter Egg Hunt

Of course, it is not Easter without an Easter Egg Hunt. Children (and some adults) love to run all over searching for Easter eggs filled with treasures! If you don't want to hold your own Easter egg hunt, I am sure that your community will hold Easter egg hunts for little ones. Check with your local city or county office to see what is available. Churches are another great place to try, as many churches have exciting Easter egg activities yearly.

To have your own Easter egg hunt, all you will need are eggs and prizes. Some people like to color Easter eggs with their children and then hide those eggs for the children to find. You could have treats available as prizes for the amount found. Also, you can purchase plastic eggs and fill them with candy or change and hide them.

You can hold your Easter egg hunt indoors or outdoors depending on the weather. No matter where you decide, your children will love seeking all those eggs!

Pinata Game

Another great Easter egg game is the Pinata game. Purchase a pinata and fill it up with all sorts of candy. Some stores may even have an Easter themed piƱata, such as a bunny or an egg. Blindfold each child and let him or her have a turn hitting the pinata with a stick or bat. The children will love it when the pinata gets broken and candy spills out everywhere!

Egg Relays

Need more ideas for Easter egg games?

There is also an egg relay game that you can play with two or more children. Simply boil some eggs, gather a few spoons, and have a start and a finish line. Each child will put an egg on a spoon and race to the finish line! You can even put some obstacles in the way to make it more challenging! Reward the winner (and runners up) with jellybeans or peeps.

Scavenger Hunt

A very fun Easter egg game that I used to play with my children on Easter morning was a "scavenger hunt for your basket" game. I would hide their Easter baskets in one place and I would also place clues as to where it was in plastic eggs that I would randomly place in different locations. The kids always loved trying to figure out the clues and wanted so bad to be the first to find their basket.

Egg Tossing in a Basket

Lastly, you can try egg tossing in a basket for a fun Easter egg game. Put an Easter basket a few feet away from your child and have a bunch of plastic eggs available for them to try to toss into the basket. Think of it as like a basketball game but with eggs and a basket.

You can even have a three-point line if you want to! Play along and see who comes out the winner!

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What Are YOUR Favorite Tips and Ideas for Easter Egg Games?

Do YOU have in mind some great ideas and tips for fun Easter egg games? Share and write about these tips and ideas for Easter games and fun here!

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