Easter Bunny Crafts - Steps and Ideas for Fun Activities

Are you seeking inspired ideas for Easter bunny crafts?

When children think of Easter, one of the first things they think about is the Easter Bunny. Growing up, we may have all heard the tales of Peter Cottontail and how he came to each house delivering baskets "full of Easter Joy."

With the growing demands on the family resources in today's economic climate, many people are turning to crafting their own items inexpensively at home rather than purchase pricey Easter baskets.

Here are a couple of fun Easter bunny crafts activities you can do at home.

One fun Easter bunny craft activity is making an Easter bunny cake. You will need the following items: one standard cake mix prepared into two 9" round layers, white cake icing, one pound bag of coconut, red food coloring, green food coloring, one bag of gumdrops, and 6 red licorice twists.

Once the cake mix is done and fully cooled, place one layer in the center of a large cookie sheet and cover with white icing. You are now ready to make the Easter bunny's ears and bow-tie.

With the other layer, cut two curved wedges on either side of the cake (leaving a bow-tie shaped center piece). Place each wedge at the top of the round layer you have placed in the center of the cookie sheet and the remaining piece at the bottom of the round layer. Using your icing, completely cover the "ears" and "bowtie" and filling in any gaps where you have put the Easter bunny together.

Take approximately 1/2 cup of coconut and add three drops of red food coloring and blend until the coconut looks pink. Take the pink coconut and create the insides of the Easter rabbit's ears. Now sprinkle white coconut on the remainder of the cake to help create the rabbit's fur.

Now, you are ready to make the bunny's face. Chose which color gumdrops you want to use for the eyes and place them on the round layer. Use a red or pink gumdrop to create the nose and place three licorice twists on either side of the nose to create the whiskers.

Take the remaining coconut and add three to four drops of green food coloring and stir until all the coconut is colored. Sprinkle this around the cake to look like grass. You are now ready to serve your very own Easter bunny cake at your Easter dinner.

Another of the fun Easter bunny crafts is to create Easter bunny eggs. Rather than the traditional colored Easter eggs, you can take your eggs and create Easter bunnies.

For such Easter bunny crafts, you will need six boiled eggs, cotton balls, pipe cleaners, magic markers, felt cloth in white and pink, scissors, and a glue gun. It is important that children have the assistance of an adult in using the glue gun.

To put together this Easter bunny craft, first, make sure your eggs are dry. Then, with your magic marker (and with the smaller end of the egg facing upward) draw the bunny's face on the egg. Take two pipe cleaners and roll them up to look like feet (or shoes). You may want to use a different color for each bunny. Using the glue gun, attach the feet to the bottom of the larger end of the egg.

Next, take your felt cloth and cut out the rabbit's ears. You will want to cut two wedges each of the white and the pink (with the pink wedge being about half the size of the white one). When you have the wedges cut, place the pink wedge in the center of the white and glue them together using the glue gun. Then take your glue gun and attach the ears to the top of the egg. Next, still using the glue gun, attach a cotton ball to the side opposite the face. You have now created an Easter bunny egg.

The most important thing to remember when crafting items for your Easter enjoyment is to have fun. Making your own Easter goodies is a great way to spend some quality time with the family while celebrating the holiday. Have fun with Easter bunny crafts, and remember to use your creativity!

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