Fun Halloween Facts - Interesting Trivia about this Spooky Holiday

Are you looking for some interesting and fun Halloween facts?

Halloween is one of the most popular holidays in North America. Billions of dollars are made in candy sales alone; in fact, one fourth of all the candy sales sold annually in the US are sold during Halloween.

Add to that the intricate decorations, fabulous costumes, and other assorted Halloween paraphernalia and you can see why Halloween has grown to challenge other traditional holidays as the number 1 holiday.

Halloween is one of the world's oldest holidays, and although it used to be a frightening and superstitious time of year, today it is celebrated with more of a party atmosphere. Many people celebrate Halloween with a party of some type. If you aren't throwing one, you are more than likely attending one. Here are some fun Halloween facts that you can take to your party to show off your knowledge of everything Halloween.

Fun Halloween Facts

  • Where did the word 'Halloween' originate? The word Halloween is a combination of the Catholic 'All Hallows Eve' (All Saints Day) and the Celtic Irish word of 'Samhain' (pronounced sow-in).

  • The First Jack-O-Lantern: The first Jack-O-Lantern was not a pumpkin. Irish children carved out potatoes and turnips, putting candles in them for their Halloween celebration. When the Irish immigrated to America during the potato famine, they brought this tradition with them; however, turnips and potatoes were not as readily available in the Americas. Pumpkins grew in abundance and quickly replaced the potato and turnip. Soon, the traditional Jack-O-Lantern became the pumpkin.

  • Halloween Costumes / Masks: Here's a fun Halloween fact regarding Halloween costumes and masks. As Halloween has always been associated with spirits, masks have customarily been an important part of Halloween tradition. Masks were thought to scare off pesky spirits, or at the very least, render the wearer unrecognizable by the spirit and therefore left alone. Anyone leaving their house after the sun was down wore a mask as protection. This has developed into the fun tradition of costumes in today's Halloween celebrations.

  • Trick or Treat: And here's a fun Halloween fact about trick or treating. Irish peasants would beg the rich for food during Samhain, the harvest festival. If the rich refused, the peasants would play a trick. It became common practice for the rich to hand out cookies, candy, or fruit to avoid being tricked. This has turned into a multi-billion dollar business today.

  • Candy Corn: Candy corn used to be tediously layered by hand! It was invented in the 1800's and by 1898 was manufactured by Golitz, a company which is now known as 'Jelly Belly'. The process of pouring the candy corn syrup into molds is now done by machines.

    Sweet Business Facts

    And here are some fun Halloween facts regarding the sweet stuffs which are consumed during this holiday.

  • In 2008, Halloween netted over 5.1 billion dollars in profits for American businesses.

  • In 2007, $117 million dollars worth of pumpkins were grown in the US.

  • Much of the Halloween business profits go to the candy makers; Approximately 598 million pounds of candy is sold at Halloween (or $1.9 billion) with nearly 90 million pounds of that candy being chocolate.

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