Homemade Halloween Decorations - Fun Ideas for Spooky Decorating

Are you seeking inspiration and ideas for homemade Halloween decorations?

There is nothing quite as much fun as getting the house ready for Halloween. For many of us, the decorating doesn't stop there. The yard can soon become a 'graveyard' or a spooky walkway up to your 'haunted house'.

Fortunately, with a little creativity, decorating your home for Halloween doesn't have to cost a lot of money. Many of the best Halloween decorations can be made right at home with items you already have on hand, or are easily purchased. Here, we will get you started creating some great homemade Halloween decorations in no time.

Homemade Halloween Decorating Ideas

  • Ghost Balloons: Blow up regular balloons and drape lightweight white fabric, such as cut up white sheets, over them. Use a permanent marker if you want to add faces. Hang them from trees or anywhere in the house as the family ghosts. If you are having a Halloween party, try using helium balloons to float around on their own!

  • Spooky Scarecrow: For this homemade Halloween decoration idea, gather up some clothing, such as a pair of jeans and a flannel shirt, some gloves, and a hat of some sort. Fill a paper bag, and stuff the clothing, with leaves from the yard. Attach the paper bag as the head and cover it with the hat. Sit or stand the scarecrow in a shadowy corner so that people don't see him until the last minute.

  • Graveyard: You can easily turn your front yard into a graveyard by finding an appliance box and cutting it into tombstone shapes. Paint the tombstones and write epitaphs on them. Place them all about the yard. Make sure you keep leaves all about the yard for a messy look. You can place small tins with holes punched in them and tea lights inside all about to add eerie lighting to your 'graveyard'. You could also drape webbing everywhere for authenticity.

  • Spider's Webs: This can be found in any department store and you get a whole lot of spider web for a small amount of money. Stretch the webbing all over everything - trees and bushes in your yard, doorways and chandeliers in your house, etc. Add it to decorations that you might already have for special effects.

  • Ghosts in the Trees: Halloween just isn't Halloween without a ghost or two, and these little guys are so much fun for the kids to make. Use small white plastic bags and stuff them with anything from leaves to cotton batting. Tie around the neck to keep the stuffing secure. Use a permanent market to make faces if you like. Thread a piece of string through the top of the 'ghost' and hang them all around your yard or in your house. These are simple but fun homemade Halloween decorations.

  • Tin Can Spiders: These homemade Halloween decorations are so cute you will want to save your tuna cans for a few months prior to Halloween to ensure you have enough! Thoroughly wash and dry the tuna can and remove the labels. Using a screwdriver, poke a hole in the top of the can, and three holes on each side of the can. Spray paint the entire can black. Glue some goggle eyes onto your spider. Using black pipe cleaners, shape 6 legs and stick them in the 6 holes, folding them on the inside to keep them from pulling out. Tie a knot in a piece of string and thread it through the can, with the knot on the inside to keep the string from pulling through. Hang your spiders all around the house and yard.

    These are just a few ideas of homemade Halloween decorations. As you can see, it doesn't take a lot of money, but it does take a little imagination and a great sense of fun. The entire family will enjoy creating these homemade Halloween decorations.

    More ideas to help you transform your house into a Halloween haven delight can be found on the rest of this website, so be sure to browse the related pages on Halloween decorating, or use its search function to find what you need.

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    What Are YOUR Favorite Ideas and Tips for Homemade Halloween Decorations?

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