Fun Vacation Ideas - Tons of Interesting and Exciting Holiday Suggestions

Are you cracking your head for some fun vacation ideas?

Going on vacation doesn't mean you have to pack up the family and go off on a trip for a couple of weeks; you can have a fun vacation by doing things close to home, no matter where you live.

Take a drive to the beach or go fishing in a nearby lake; take a picnic, and relax. If you can get to the ocean (and it's the right time of year), you could take a boat trip to go whale watching - it's amazing to see whales coming alongside your boat or breaching out of the water - and this has the bonus of being educational for the kids, too.

You can have a really fun vacation by visiting one of the National Parks. Go to Yellowstone Park in Wyoming and watch the hot geysers, or have yourselves an adventure by kayaking on a lake. You could charter a sailboat on Lake Superior; go camping just about anywhere; rent a houseboat on Lake Powell in Arizona; or pan for gold in Montana.

Each state has different options for fun vacation ideas for you to choose from; it all depends on what your idea of a fun vacation is. If you have older children or are just a couple, then you might want to consider something more adventurous, such as a boat trip down the Grand Canyon or riding a bike down Haleakala volcano on Maui; do something that you can brag about to relatives and friends when you return!

Alaska offers many fun vacation ideas to entertain you, and probably the best option would be to take an Alaskan cruise and take your pick from the side trips offered. If you prefer to make your own plans, remember that Alaska covers a large area and you don't want to waste too much time traveling around to do all the things on your list.

If you prefer a more exotic location for your fun vacation, then why not try an Adventure cruise. Disney offers vacation cruises for families or couples, with almost limitless options for adventures in Europe and multiple other destinations. They provide expert guides for land-based tours and special privileges that you wouldn't be offered if you had organized the trip yourself.

Most cruise lines offer this kind of service, so if you want a fun vacation with your family, make sure to check ahead and see what they have to offer, but if you're planning your vacation during the time when school is out, then make sure you book well ahead of time as the best places are often fully booked up quickly.

Need more fun vacation ideas?

Of course, your idea of a fun vacation might be to just have a few days touring the nearest wine country and staying in small bed and breakfast inns, or heading off to the nearest mountains for a hike or a bike ride.

So what do you do if you're a couch potato? What would be fun vacation ideas for you? Well, why not give yourself a treat and join the studio audience for your favorite TV show? These are mostly based in New York or Los Angeles and you can obtain free tickets for many shows. If you plan carefully, you can fit several shows into your vacation itinerary.

Do you have a hobby that is all-consuming? If so, then try to find fun vacation ideas that fit in with that, such as a culinary cooking trip for the keen chef. You can choose your destination and choice of cuisine. This could be the most fun vacation ever! Whatever your hobby is, if you want to learn and improve your skills, then this could be the ideal choice for you.

Love to exercise? So many people are hooked on fitness nowadays that you can actually go on a fun vacation where you can learn how to participate in many fitness-based options. Some spa vacations offer fitness options such as aerobics and weight training - but at least you'll be able to book a massage to relax those aching muscles afterwards!

Is there something you've always wanted to learn how to do? Scuba diving? Sailing? Paragliding? Fly fishing? Golf? There's a fun vacation idea waiting for you where you can learn the basics - and perhaps more.

Walking tours offer many options, from strolling around historical districts to the more difficult hiking or trekking tours.

What could be more fun for a gardener than to plan a fun vacation around a flower show? Most cities in the US and Europe have an annual flower show with exhibits that will take the average gardener's breath away.

Tailor your fun vacation ideas to suit your needs - don't plan a hiking trip if you're a couch potato! Think about what you and the people you're traveling with have in common, or talk about what you've always wanted to do. Take a vote - the majority rules - but don't plan on something that one of you absolutely hates!

We hope you enjoy exploring all these fun vacation ideas! It's time to take a trip!

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